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More warping indicates the presence of more gravity than is inferred from the presence of luminous matter, therefore requiring the presence of dark matter to explain the observation.
In addition to the demands placed upon them by parents, teachers, friends, and society, children and adolescents struggle to form their individual identities while also navigating successful relationships in which they matter to their significant others.
purported that we matter to others if others are interested in us and concerned about us.
Bush butted into a private family matter to appease the Religious Right.
Are intellectual property rights involving genetics and genomics subject matter to which licensing arrangements pertain more or less likely to be involved in infringement litigation?
But the effort to banish religion for politics' sake has led us astray: in our sensible zeal to keep religion from dominating our politics, we have created a political and legal culture that presses the religiously faithful to be other than themselves, to act publicly, and sometimes privately as well, as though their faith does not matter to them."
That is to say, it entreats the diocese of Sydney on the issue of lay presidency to submit the matter to its province, and to have regard to the effect of any decision it makes on the wider Communion to which it belongs, just as much as it applies to a diocese contemplating the official introduction of services in relation to same-sex unions.
Here, Respondents have objected in a variety of ways to the consequences of the Board's prior decision not to close the hearing in this matter to the public.
Evaluating evidential matter to support the fair value of the note, the determination of whether the hedge is highly effective, and the allocation of changes in fair value to earnings and other comprehensive income may require considerable judgment.
Then comes "From dark matter to light" (SN: 3/22/08, p.
Because classroom guidance reaches all students in schools, counselors can use the findings of the current study to introduce, educate, and facilitate student discussions, self-awareness, and to teach skills students may need to feel as if they matter to others and themselves, have healthy ethnic identities, and lead lives of wellness.
"This is a very interesting dark matter candidate because it gives us a way to understand the ratio of matter to dark matter," The News Scientist quoted him, as saying.
In "From Dark Matter to Light: New models of galaxy formation show the gastro in physics" (SN: 3/22/08, p.
McGaugh and his colleagues posed the question of whether the "universal" ratio of baryonic matter to dark matter holds on the scales of individual structures like galaxies.
As he and other atomic physicists consider other types of exotic matter to mimic using Fermi gases, no prospect generates as much excitement as superconductors.