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a name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor


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Matronymic Female-Specific Surnames (Mother-Daughter)
A matronymic surname is one that identifies the mother, and could be either female- or male-specific.
However, despite the frequency of matronymic surnames, there are relatively few examples of matronymic female-specific surnames, identifying the bearer as the daughter of the mother; for some reason it appears more common for matronymic surnames to apply to sons (62) or to be gender-neutral (see below).
A matronymic male-specific surname identifies the mother and indicates that the bearer of the name is male.
Also present but uncommon are matronymic surnames that do not include the woman's name at all: William filius Richefemme (1148) means son of a noble or rich woman, (101) while surnames reflecting a man's status as a son of a widow crop up as well: William Wideweson (1327); (102) Richard Wyduesone (1309); (103) John la Wydewesone (1326); (104) and William le Wydusone (1332) (105) demonstrate this.
Gender-neutral matronymic surnames identify the mother or other female ancestor, but could apply equally to males or females and are therefore held by both sons and daughters.
Modern derivatives of this matronymic name include Cusson(s), Cussen(s), Cussan(s), Cutson, Cuss, and Cust.
161) Furthermore, surnames such as Janes, Joanes, Jeanes, Jennings, and Jennison could come from matronymic naming as well.
The list of matronymic names goes far beyond what can be thoroughly developed here.
In the case of the daughter it was superfluous to restate for her, in column II, her mother's grandparents, so after stating the daughter's patronymic and matronymic it was only necessary to allude to the titles of these ancestors (hierophant and daduch), her maternal great-grandfathers.
In order to differentiate them, the scribe has written Namhani son of Ama-gu-la and Namhani son of Ama-ti, that is, he included their matronymics.