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a printer that represents each character as a pattern of dots from a dot matrix

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Also, the new dot matrix printer can produce up to five carbon copies in addition to the original in one printing operation.
Unlike letter-quality printers, dot matrix printers can also produce graphics.
There's a reason why Epson's dot matrix printers dominate the category - new users would be delighted in the uncompromising reliability and efficacy of our printers."
Label generating software, a dot matrix printer, and several portable data collection terminals made up this first application.
Procurement of computers, Thermal printers to new srivari seva twin buildings(tirumala), Dot matrix printer to counter at cro general and barcode scanner to counter and tollgate at tirumala
Tenders are invited for Supply of ethernet switch, lmr 400 cable, telephone cable, dot matrix printer, vaccume cleaner and drill machine kit at amritsar airport
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of laser printer and dot matrix printer tvse msp 355
Tenders are invited for High speed dot matrix printer
In terms of product category, inkjet printers and scanners were the highest contributors at 70%, followed by point of sale (POS) and dot matrix printers at 14%, visual instruments at 11% and commercial & industrial products at 5%.
OKI began its innovation in the printing industry more than four decades ago, first marketing some of the earliest dot matrix printers before pioneering the LED print technology that continues to drive OKI's product portfolio today.
Three years later, Epson achieved its goal and reported market share increase in inkjet printers, projectors, and dot matrix printers and POS (point of sale) systems.
Its profitability is underpinned by lines such as dot matrix printers, POS products and projectors as well as ink jet printers, in which it is competing to be front-runner on a global scale, R&I noted.
Fujitsu Europe Ltd has announced the launch of the DL3750+ and DL3850+, two new 24-pin dot matrix printers. In conjunction with the launch the company has appointed Bannerbridge as UK distributor for the DL range.
Allied Bakeries is using over 50 Printronix P5000 series line matrix printers, primarily for printing dispatch information at 18 of its manufacturing and distribution sites across the UK.
But Kasmer persisted, and his work with IBM gave him the idea of combining a dual-pressure vane pump with the continuous stainless steel belt design found in high-speed dot matrix printers. Spring-loaded sliding vanes placed radially about the center of a rotor are contained at their outer edge by the flexible belt.