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a person who murders their mother

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the murder of your mother

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The post Matricide suspect in psychiatric care appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In essence, Mama is Kristeva's maternal figure who will not die, who refuses to be subjected to the matricide required to allow her children to enter into the Symbolic order.
Alicia ideally accomplishes matricide when she tortures and kills Tino, because she succeeds where her mother has always failed: avenging the memory of Raul gives her the victory in her competition with Gracida.
As in the conclusion to Euripides's Electra, Aeschylus's Eumenides dramatizes the aftermath of the matricide undertaken by Orestes, and here too Apollo's punishment of Clytemnestra takes the form of a repetition of harrowing intra-familial violence.
Attentive to causality, conditions, determinations, the conjunctures in which events occur in an organic development, Tacitus places Nero's ascension to the throne and his entire government in a complex of power conservation through crime; a chain of trials and executions processes anchors the imperial power throughout history, but the Neronian sequence excels through cruelty and chaos, it is a precipitated of the haloed crime of matricide.
The expanse of the psychic foreclosure of the mother (discussed in terms of a Jocaste Complex, in Ettinger, "Antigone with(out) Jocaste," 217) and the psychic matricide offered by the cultural symbolization in patriarchal society for the subjectivization processes affect a matrixial Thanatos that turns against the self (Ettinger, 216 onward).
Applying Kristeva's theory to three prominent murder cases--the serial double homicides of couples that took place in Florence between 1975 and 1984, the Novi Ligure matricide and fratricide of 2001, and the Cogne filicide of 2002--Nerenberg uses crime as a way to explore the larger cultural context of contemporary Italy, and analyze both developments in Italian society and their impact on the collective imaginary.
But his mind was caught by the idea of playing the matricide.
Judge Ghulam Rasul Mansoor told Pajhwok Afghan News that Mohammad Salim, 22, had been convicted on the charge of matricide.
The study of personal trajectories through the use of psychobiography is illustrated here by Kovary (this issue) in his article about matricide and creativity.
Only this act of matricide can keep her daughter safe from the brutality she is sure to witness and suffer and only through this act of matricide is this woman, this mother, able to love her daughter perfectly and resist the system that allows for her and all of her daughters' continued abuse.
The aim of this article is to explore the various ways in which he toys with historical reality and blurs the borderline between fiction and biography in The Lambs of London (2004), offering thus an alternative rendering of two unrelated offences connected with late eighteenth and early nineteenth century London literary circles: Mary Lamb's matricide and William-Henry Ireland's forgeries of the Shakespeare Papers.
Bloch's sordid tale of transvestism, incest and matricide strikes almost everyone as a tasteless choice of material for a world-class director, and when Paramount head Barney Balaban (Richard Portnow) refuses to finance the picture, Hitch opts to pony up the relatively low $800,000 budget himself, in exchange for a cut of the profits.
Though most people would probably not equate it with witchcraft or matricide, the word is often associated with a strident, man-hating caricature, whose main stand revolves around maintaining a healthy crop of armpit hair, rather than campaigning for equal pay.