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a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement


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We can always make our presentations to the government to actually appoint qualified mathematics teachers.
Poor mathematics teaching affects the performance of the students; it affects their reasoning as mathematics deals with logic.
One of the awardees, who is also a mathematician, Otunba Joseph Onifade urged governments at all levels to make the teaching of mathematics more attractive from the primary school level to the tertiary level.
Mathematics anxiety knows no boundaries (Tobias, 1998) and has been defined as a feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness when asked to do mathematics.
Mathematics anxiety can be caused from a single humiliating mathematics experience or through a lack of applied understanding and application of mathematical concepts (Maloney & Beilock, 2012).
This study examines the nature of mathematics anxiety, the relationship between mathematics anxiety among pre-service teachers and their attitudes towards mathematics, and the extent to which these attitudes affect their mathematics achievement.
According to the existing literature, the difficulty that pre-service teachers experience with learning mathematics can be attributed to the level of their mathematics anxiety (Bowd, 2003; Wells, 1994; Ollerton, 1999).
As Begle has pointed out, research on mathematics teaching has not yet established what relationship exists between the taught curriculum and the learned curriculum: what the pupil actually learns, as revealed by tests, teacher questioning and pupil attitude.
The sources of a teacher's knowledge and beliefs about how to teach mathematics are many.
As part of the TIMSS 2011 assessment, scales were developed to measure student confidence in mathematics and engagement in mathematics lessons.
For this study, multiple regression procedures were used to examine the contribution of each item regarding confidence in mathematics and engagement in mathematics lessons toward the explanation of mathematics achievement test scores.
It is still the case that women are not well represented in earning PhDs in mathematics (Becerra & Barnes, 2012).
Certainly, there are people who enjoy mathematics and think mathematicians are cool.
The teachers mean score on the 20 question mathematics ability test was 12.
A mathematical problem-solving test was developed by the researchers to test mathematics ability, and scores ranged from 26.
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