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The company's platform technology, TDSR, is a patented physio-chemical and mathematical process for designing a system capable of temporarily neutralizing the skin's barrier function, enabling delivery to or through the skin, to local tissues or to the whole body, of a very wide range of compounds with pharmaceutical or cosmetic value.
The company says GAIA has several unique features, which include a mathematical process that will learn and adapt through use.
l Statistical neighbours are calculated by using a complicated mathematical process to compare economies and population levels.
What is even more attractive is that a 'shape motif'can be chosen by the designers, eg a continuous wave, a stepped surface or some other geometrical form, and this shape is optimised, or morphed, by the mathematical process to give the precise diffusing surface.
Keystroke dynamics" uses a mathematical process to measure and identify the unique manner in which individuals type.
Mean-variance optimization is a mathematical process that requires three inputs: (1) expected return of each asset, (2) expected risk of each asset and (3) the correlation coefficient of each pair of asset classes.
When linked to an individual's or company's computer system, the digital notary certifies files by producing a coded fingerprint of a document, using a mathematical process called one-way hashing.
Full credibility is not attainable by the mathematical process alone, nor can a mathematical system of checks and balances ensure it.
The original data is both permuted and shifted, not just combined with the key, because from that format no known mathematical process can produce the original plaintext without the electronic key.
Survey responses were analyzed by The Brighton Consulting Group, which used a mathematical process to assign a unique score to rate the companies' employer reputation.
In order to come up with the formula, Condous combined them in a mathematical process - comparing variables.
Survey responses were analyzed by Senn-Delaney Culture Diagnostics & Measurement, which used a mathematical process to assign a unique score to rate the companies' employer reputation, taking into account 23 different attributes including: Corporate Image, Leadership and Direction, Financial Prowess, Work Culture/Environment, Work/Life Balance, Academics and Collegial Exchange, and Compensation and Benefits.
Each of these statements either verified the student's answer or mathematical process without requiring students to justify their answer or solution method.
The thing is, it's almost a very succinct, mathematical process now that we're dealing with the digital age.
This mathematical process takes all the bumps and sudden shifts out of the original waveform.
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