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These two attributes are named "correction factors" (see Figure 2) which are obtained from A.2 and A.3 (in real scenario these two factors are assigned some weight through mathematical process).
'An evolutionary algorithm is a mathematical process where potential solutions keep being improved a step at a time until the optimum is reached,' explains Dr Neumann.
NMPC falls within a class of controllers optimizing future plant evolution through the use of an explicit mathematical process description.
One of the major sources of the progress made by physics is due to the ability to isolate elementary subsystems, to come out with laws that apply to these subsystems, and then to recover macroscopic laws by a mathematical process. For example, the study of mechanics was greatly simplified by the study of the material point, a subsystem without structure identified by a small number of continuous variables.
2 : the mathematical process of finding out how many times one number is contained in another
In test design, we prioritized not only the application and demonstration of mathematical knowledge, but the demonstration and application of mathematical process. Tests required students to represent their approach to problems, their conceptions about how to solve them, and their reflections on the how and why of their ultimate choices about solutions.
"The work is based on the way things grow, and the mathematical process behind the growth in nature."
Another definition which still surprises me is the naming elementary, rudimentary, mathematical process namely arithmetic, algebra and geometry which are no longer described as such but are all called mathematics!
The process of considering whether the deal should be considered reinsurance or not is a family complicated actuarial and mathematical process which looks at discounted cash flows of a range of potential outcomes, which is performed at the inception of a contract.
The company's platform technology, TDSR, is a patented physio-chemical and mathematical process for designing a system capable of temporarily neutralizing the skin's barrier function, enabling delivery to or through the skin, to local tissues or to the whole body, of a very wide range of compounds with pharmaceutical or cosmetic value.
Nathan hesitantly but happily shared his mathematical process, unaware that it was very different from the standard algorithm.
The company says GAIA has several unique features, which include a mathematical process that will learn and adapt through use.
l Statistical neighbours are calculated by using a complicated mathematical process to compare economies and population levels.
What is even more attractive is that a 'shape motif'can be chosen by the designers, eg a continuous wave, a stepped surface or some other geometrical form, and this shape is optimised, or morphed, by the mathematical process to give the precise diffusing surface.
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