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(mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)

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Using the probability as determined by the distribution of analyte value, we defined a mathematical function describing the probability of a sample in a panel of results (e.
The development of these more general functions in its turn supports the formation of a more specific concept of mathematical function.
It is possible that the presented mathematical function has assumed a more general character and, in consequence, is also more likely applicable to the description of citation networks or the spreading of information.
However, there are limitations in the mathematical functions supported by Visual Basic that make programming the Winkel Tripel projection formulas difficult.
Once the sample species-area curve is constructed, a mathematical function can be fit to it.
If you perform the mathematical function, you will find that the tangent of the angle is equal to 0.
In the XVth entry of the glossary I discussed the formulation, mathematical function, and how Korzybski built his system-function (general-semantics) from it.
The regular type of irregularities characterises by periodical bodies of inequalities which are very similar and in the first approximation can be described by the periodical mathematical function (Rudzitis et al.
With one of its techniques, he was able to represent the outlines of the genitalia and other body parts of each species with a suitable mathematical function.
With characteristic boldness, Korzybski generalized the notion of mathematical function into a principle of neurolinguistics.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Yokogawa make 20 channel chartless recorder with mathematical function & programmable four (04) set of potential free no-nc changeover relay contact output.
Gray found a way of rewriting the equations in terms of a different mathematical function.
The same type of mathematical function was used for the ultimate tensile strength [R.
The construction of the potential field is related on finding a mathematical function which has the following properties: in absence of the obstacle, the minimum of this function is the initial trajectory (see figure 1); the presence of the obstacle will generate a new minimum which will avoid the obstacle; the computation of minimum must be a non time consuming process; the function definition can be linked to the relative speed between the obstacle and the car; the function can be easily constructed, based on the data sensors.
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