maternity hospital

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a hospital that provides care for women during pregnancy and childbirth and for newborn infants

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The woman came to the maternity hospital in a very difficult condition, she lost a lot of blood.
2017 was concluded with 26 births on Sunday (December 31) 13 of which were girls and 12 boys was born between the SMC and Jidhafs Maternity Hospital.
Eileen Ferguson, who is 37 weeks pregnant, was admitted to Cork University Maternity Hospital with raised blood pressure and revealed she was given a meal high in salt.
Aqila Khan District Specialist Anaesthesia (BS 18 adhoc) adjusted against the post of Senior District Specialist Anaesthesia (BS-19) has been transferred from Naseerullah Khan Babar Memorial Hospital Peshawar to Maternity Hospital Peshawar against the post of District Specialist
Caption: Irish citizens protest outside the Department of Health in Dublin over plans to let the Religious Sisters of Charity have partial ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital.
Protests have taken place in the Irish capital, and almost 105,000 people have signed a petition in opposition to the sisters' involvement in the new National Maternity Hospital.
Spokeswoman Siobhan O'Donoghue said: "People are deeply, deeply confused, hurt and angry by the plan to transfer ownership of this badly needed maternity hospital to a religious order linked to the abuse and mistreatment of women taken into the Magdalene Laundries.
A Syrian maternity hospital in a rebel-held area of Idlib province was extensively damaged on Friday after a direct hit, international charity Save the Children, which supports the hospital, said.
For many years it was a maternity hospital and thousands of Hud-The Greenhead Park centre, which houses sexual health and other services, dersfield people were born there.
DCO Noorul Amin Mengal laid foundation stone for the construction of extension block Institute of Gynaecology and Neonatology at Hilal-e-Ahmar Maternity Hospital here on Saturday which would be completed in three phases and funds of Rs 50 million has been allocated for the completion of first phase.
A LIVERPOOL professor is appealing to people of the city to help build a PS300,000 maternity hospital in war-torn Rwanda, Africa.
The Health Department created the commission to investigate the case of a child's replacement in the maternity hospital No.
THE body of a newborn baby girl who went missing with her mother from a maternity hospital in Bristol has been found by police.
The Health Ministry has allocated BD16 million to build the Muharraq maternity hospital which will accommodate 200 beds and operation theatres, in addition to care services for premature children, assistant under-secretary Dr Waleed Al Manea told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.
The 42 year-old's life was destroyed just nine days after he was born when he contracted meningitis at Birmingham Maternity Hospital.