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the quality of having or showing the tenderness and warmth and affection of or befitting a mother

motherly care

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Feminists who prioritized protections for working-class women and allied progressive reformers used maternalism strategically to establish the constitutional authority of states to regulate the employment relationship.
Importantly, maternalism supported a sense of women's autonomy and of the special import of women's activism: "[s]uffrage should be received, as a sacred trust to be exercised only for the good of humanity" (The Canadian White Ribbon Tidings 1919b: 105).
As McGee tells us, celebrities are subject to, and construct, the "femme fatale turned mother" archetype whose stability and value is predicated on transitioning enough to accept an essential maternalism (33).
Yet not all women are mothers, reformers used a variety of arguments, and while maternalism can help bind together disparate groups of women, it can also suggest a false unity among them.
At a more intimate and personal level, however, he adopted a stance of abject dependency, and shamelessly exploited his wife's reflex maternalism.
Maternalism could be both progressive and retrogressive, often at the same time.
Which is as it should be; Geum-ja is such a tremulous bundle of conflicting impulses -- rage, maternalism, shame, righteousness, fear, deception, doubt and brilliance, for starters -- that the only way to make this particular deadly dame credible is to emphasize her fragility.
and Jamaica Kincaid's The Autobiography of My Mother are reviewed for their insights on maternalism.
Domestic workers are ensconced in power relations with their employers, and these relations run the gamut of a focus on the personal or benign maternalism to more directly exploitative, invasive, or abusive strategies (Cheng, 2005; Constable, 1999; Hidden in the Home, 2001; Lan, 2002, 2003).
The positioning of pregnant women as the guardians of fetal health creates a potentially antagonistic relationship between mother and fetus where the discourse of maternalism may easily be translated into 'child abuse' if a pregnant woman has created a 'hostile' environment for the fetus.
The first, and most predictable, message addressed gender roles and signaled the preeminence of piety over power, submission over supremacy, and maternalism over masculinity.
By 1975, maternalism was dead at both the federal and state levels.
Mother of two illegitimate sons by two fathers, a Central Casting battle ax more cunning than brainy, driven by a sense of miserable but conscientious maternalism, O'Hair made her case against religion as no polished lawyer or pointy-headed academic could have.
The poem constructs a parodic maternalism which reverses the order of things in the natural world where the cuckoo-throated interloper is fed by the unsuspecting host/ mother.
The author details how in the early nineteenth century missionary work was considered men's work but highlights how Victorian domesticity and maternalism were not always limiting ideologies for women.
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