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Synonyms for materialization

Synonyms for materialization

the process of coming into being

an appearance in bodily form (as of a disembodied spirit)

something that comes into existence as a result

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1 presents an example of the materialization of the parking management function for airplanes on the airport, including all the maintenance services and taking into account the risk of any subfunction.
Threat has no place even in analytical discussions since there is no ground for its materialization," Afkham told reporters in Tehran on Wednesday.
She emphasized that with the materialization of cloud computing, "we are at the era of distance management and the mutualisation of information resources and networks.
He also assured to take necessary steps for materialization of their practicable proposals.
It has also sought permission from Pakistan for materialization of the project.
The materialization of these transactions would lead to a firm foothold by the Company in the domestic and Chinese publishing markets.
Noting that Iran and Egypt proposed the Middle- East region free from nuclear weapons, he said Israel has prevented the materialization of the idea, so far.
He also said a team of his sector will move to the locality to know about the materialization of the resources and the results obtained.
However, he regretted that the high expectations of the nations were not met by the UN Body as peace was still a dream and no timeframe could be set for its materialization.
His nighttime drive on the uncompleted New Jersey Turnpike, famously described to Sam Wagstaff in 1966, is not at all a kind of garnish meant to lend a dash of drama or grandeur a posteriori to Smith's enterprise, but rather constitutes a genuine epiphany: a furtive moment of truth, the arrested and inevitable partial image whose materialization the works propose - "First we feel, then we fall," as Joyce wrote in Finnegans Wake (words the artist could quote from memory).
Actual results could differ materially depending on factors such as capital expenditures in the oil and gas industry, the timing of development of offshore energy resources, materialization of construction risks, the strength of competition, interest rate movements and stability in developing countries.
In a meeting on Tuesday, the two sides discussed ways for promotion to Tehran-Beirut ties, and extended their full support for materialization of long-term joint economic plans.
Solid partnership between Culture and Social Communication Ministries was denied by the concerned Ministers of respective sectors, led by Rosa da Cruz e Silva and Jose LuE[degrees]s de Matos who, along with participants, discussed various aspects related to the materialization of cultural policies in the country.
She lauded Pakistan Bait-ul Maal (PBM) for materialization of the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to provide shelter and education to orphans.
ISLAMABAD, August 13, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said Government is serious in helping out flood affectees and their rehabilitation adding all the resources at hand will be activated in materialization of relief efforts in pursuance of the directives of the president and the prime minister.