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Synonyms for materialism

a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters


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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality

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We have yet had no genius in America, with tyrannous eye, which knew the value of our incomparable materials, and saw, in the barbarism and materialism of the times, another carnival of the same gods whose picture he so much admires in Homer; then in the Middle Age; then in Calvinism.
To 1865 belongs his most widely-read book, 'Sesame and Lilies,' three lectures on the spiritual meaning of great literature in contrast to materialism, the glory of womanhood, and the mysterious significance of life.
Pancras--implied a comment on the materialism of life.
The very simplicity of his reasoning was its strength, and his materialism was far more compelling than the subtly complex materialism of Charley Furuseth.
Cambridge University Press, 1920), will see that an old-fashioned materialism can receive no support from modern physics.
You know, one of those uncouth new people one's so often coming across nowadays, One of those free-thinkers you know, who are reared d'emblee in theories of atheism, scepticism, and materialism.
Precisely the same blinded materialism (working treacherously behind my back) now sought to rob me of the only right of property that my poverty could claim--my right of spiritual property in my perishing aunt.
Using these and other similar forms of courteous appeal, we reintroduced all my precious passages under a form which not even the doctor's watchful materialism could suspect.
In that serene region, then, where noble sentiments are cultivated in sufficient profusion to conceal the pitiless materialism of thoughts and aspirations Alvan Hervey and his wife spent five years of prudent bliss unclouded by any doubt as to the moral propriety of their existence.
Razumov envied the materialism of the thief and the passion of the incorrigible lover.
RIYADH: The poet of the east Allama Iqbal through his poetry emphasized pure spiritualism to counter the German concept of materialism, said Pakistani Ambassador Manzoor ul Haq.
Today's business models, organisational cultures and corporate lifestyles are the main culprits that drive greed, ego and materialism.
THE MATERIALISM of people in the United States is axiomatic.
The research by San Francisco State University, which links neighborhood socioeconomic status and materialism, has found that young people living in urban areas will have poor spending habits.
Kobo turns his gaze to imperialism, US-Japan relations, literary theory, and historical materialism,