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  • verb

Synonyms for masturbate

practise self-abuse


  • practise self-abuse
  • wank
  • jerk off
  • touch yourself
  • jack off
  • play with yourself
  • practise onanism
  • toss yourself off

Synonyms for masturbate

get sexual gratification through self-stimulation

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I turned and realised that a man masturbated on me.
Paul Carroll, of Craven Park,Stonebridge, pleaded guilty to one count of exposure after he masturbated for more than a minute at the driver of a bus when it had terminated.
had invited them to his hotel room after a comedy festival in Aspen, Colorado, in 2002 and then masturbated in front of them.
But Gibson claimed: "I was embarrassed, I would rather people think I had masturbated than know about my skin condition.
The large majority of adults (aged 20-59) in the US report having masturbated at some point in their lives, with approximately 65% of men and 40% of women reporting masturbating in the past month (Herbenick et al., 2010a).
The other day I told him I have never masturbated - he was shocked and keeps trying to show me how to do it and has even suggested buying a sex toy.
Citing police reports, the trial judge gave several examples of sexual behaviour in the club such as the shameless conduct of a naked woman and four naked men who performed various sex acts on each other, while other men watched and masturbated.
Gavin has graphically described two acts of alleged abuse in which he claims the pop star masturbated him under the covers as they lay in his bedroom.
The prosecutor asked: 'Did you ever talk to Mr Jackson about those occasions where he masturbated you?' Accuser: 'No.' Prosecutor: 'Did he say anything to you when he was masturbating you?' Accuser: 'No.' Then the prosecutor said: 'I'm going to ask you a very difficult question.
It's said that 80 per cent of males have masturbated by the age of 14 and probably more than once a day.
Famous Art You Never Saw (all works 2004) included images of Joseph Beuys's I Like America and America Likes Me, 1974, in which the German artist lived with a coyote in the Rene Block Gallery in New York for a week; Tehching Hsieh and Linda Montano's 1983-84 performance in which the two artists chained themselves together for a year; Chris Burden's 1971 MFA thesis project, for which he squeezed himself into a locker and stayed for five days; and Vito Acconci's infamous Seedbed, 1972, in which the artist masturbated under a ramp installed at Sonnabend Gallery, his moans audible to visitors via speaker.
Officials specifically would not reveal whether the performer had masturbated or simply exposed himself, adding that Michael didn't proposition the agent, yet conveniently omitting whether or not the cop had propositioned him.
Male supervisors and line workers rubbed their genitals against female workers, and masturbated while staring at the women working beside them, the EEOC said.
Dalton] had a daughter who was a hot kind of girl." Of course, the newsreel scene m the newly restored edition has the implausible detail of the commentator's giving Mary's specific street address and also has Bigger thinking "maybe Mary Dalton was a hot kind of girl," a decidedly pointless and repetitious "maybe" on Bigger's part, given what the commentator has explicitly said about "|the naughty rich'" and if the newsreel is indeed all that sexually arousing (Bigger has just masturbated).
A review of 177 studies of male and female sexual attitudes and behaviors finds one glaring gender difference -- many more men than women report having masturbated at some time in their lives, at least in the United States and Canada.