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extinct elephant-like mammal that flourished worldwide from Miocene through Pleistocene times

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Tokebi art was chosen after Mastodon's drummer Brann Taylor found him in the social media channel Instagram.
According to experts, the bone is believed to have belonged to a young mastodon that might have been 7-feet tall.
Mastodon Design LLC recently closed on the purchase of what will be its new design and manufacturing facility on Rochester's Southeast side, city officials said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 30, 2019-CACI Agrees to Acquire LGS Innovations, Acquires Mastodon Design
Target: LGS Innovations (agreed), Mastodon Design (closed)
MONDAY BELFAST MASTODON Grammy-Award-winning hard rock quartet Mastodon has confirmed their return to live action with an extensive tour of the U.
This week's young pretender is an interesting beast called Mastodon, which seems determined to try to replicate the experience of using Twitter, but without the bad bits.
SAFE AND SECURE MASTODON was built to tackle the abuse issues Twitter has from the ground up, and so includes all manner of ways to keep those with less than honourable intentions at bay.There are different levels of visibility for your posts (they can be totally private or totally public, or anything in between), and the very fact that your account is run on a small server that is moderated by like-minded individuals (remember, you chose which "instance" to join, and they can have their own rules about what is acceptable and what is not) means problems are a lot less likely to arise in the first place.
The discovery of stone tools alongside mastodon bones in Florida's Aucilla River shows that humans settled the southeastern U.S.
The bold and fiercely disputed claim, published in the journal Nature, is based on a study of mastodon bones discovered near San Diego.
'The Vikings of Metal' is what I like to dub the Atlanta-based Heavy Metal band Mastodon...
Star Wars items remain likely top sellers, while the Nerf Mega Mastodon is the first motorised blaster in the popular range.
At least 1,000 years before Clovis people roamed the Great Plains, a group of hunter-gatherers either butchered a mastodon or scavenged its carcass near Florida's Gulf Coast.
The discovery of a trove of mastodon fossils in Oregon State University's football stadium end zone could turn out to be huge boon to the last-place Beavers.
Along the handicap-accessible loop trail are exhibits that include a replica mastodon skeleton, a Native- American village, an English fur-trader's stockade, a Civil War camp, a logging shanty, a settler's cabin, and a 1900 farm house.