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inflammation of a breast (or udder)

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Although cows with calves are not considered to be at risk of summer mastitis, Dr Lowman said they can become susceptible within two to three months of calving, when they dry themselves off by stopping the calf suckling.
He reminded producers that once a case of summer mastitis occurs, the level of infection carried by flies increases dramatically as they land on an infected area and then fly off to another animal.
A rise in milk LF concentrations was detected in cows with subclinical mastitis which may indicate an important role of LF in the defense against mastitis in cows (Cheng et al., 2008; Alnakip et al., 2014; Alhussien and Dang, 2017).
Apart from other problems, dairy animals are facing heavy economic losses due to mastitis. Mastitis is known as inflammation of mammary tissue and dairy cattle industry is being affected globally by this ailment (Ali et al., 2018; Ashraf and Imran, 2018).
I did a standard California Mastitis Test (CMT) on the other quarters and the results showed they were all infected.
Mastitis is an inflammation of mammary glands with physical and chemical alterations in milk.
Mastitis usually only affects one breast and there may be fever.
By the isolation of this bacteria, some authors preferred to use "Cystic Neutrophilic Granulomatous Mastitis" term for the IGM cases associated with gram-positive bacilli (10, 11).
Foremilk was obtained from cows without mastitis, udder lobes and cow numbers were recorded, and samples were placed in tubes.
Though most of the microorganisms can cause infection in the intramammary region, the bacteria specie Staphylococcus aureus is the main pathogen, mainly responsible for the Bovine Chronic mastitis (Roberson et al., 1994).
Numerous pathogens are responsible for mastitis with majority infections caused by bacteria.
In his address, the Vice-Chancellor said that if one of the cow/buffalo teats is infected by mastitis, gradually whole udder is wasted due to swelling and spreading of mastitis.
If udder is infected by mastitis, it causes economic lossed to the livestock farming community.
The losses due to mastitis emanate from poor milk quality, reduced milk yield, increased expenditure on treatment, milk discard after treatment, and sometimes death due to the disease itself or through culling of affected livestock [2-4].