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Synonyms for mastic

an aromatic exudate from the mastic tree

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a pasty cement used as an adhesive or filler

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an evergreen shrub of the Mediterranean region that is cultivated for its resin

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Small Screen Producer created a professional business profile video for Lone Star Seal featuring before and after shots of their seal and mastic work.
The list of in-demand Paints, Pigments, Mastics and Inks Market Reports found in this package includes:
Provides key data and concise analyses, presents a comparative analysis on the development of paints, varnishes, printing ink & mastics industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map.
K-1446A and DE291 were also designed for use in non-traditional rubber applications such as adhesives, curable and non-curable sealants, mastics and high quality thermoset and thermoplastic applications where improved processing, flow and surface qualities are desired.
The company is a market leader in the supply of adhesives for fully adhered roofing membranes; for the repair of various transportation vehicles such as over-the-road tractor trailers, buses, ambulances, and recreational vehicles; and for mirror mastics used to attach mirrors in commercial and residential buildings.
Royston also produces asphalt additives, corrosion preventing mastics, tapes and accessory products.
Royston also produces, asphalt additives, and corrosion preventing mastics, tapes and accessory products.
In a spirit of cooperation, the parties reached an accord whereby the settling defendants agreed to begin using alternative buildings materials, including certain engineered wood products, adhesives, caulks, tapes, mastics and glues, and to provide ventilation in the sub-roof areas on all products ordered for manufacture after July 1, 2001.
Fuller Company, announces the acquisition of the mastics, adhesives, sealants and coatings business of Childers Products Company, Cleveland, Ohio, effective March 21, 2000.
The people at DaimlerChrysler thought of it and made a running change for the 2003 Chrysler Town & Country, Voyager, and Dodge Caravan minivans: from a mastic patch to a Quiet Steel component.
It leads them to a description of the formal study of names, called onomastics, which they describe as ``an ungainly word, with irrelevant echoes of mastectomy, mastication, masturbation and the paving material called mastic.