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mucus-secreting membrane lining all body cavities or passages that communicate with the exterior

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Thickness of palatal masticatory mucosa associated with age.
Ultrasonic determination of thickness of masticatory mucosa: A methodologic study.
The buccal mucosa, lateral and ventral border of the tongue may be affected; however, masticatory mucosa is usually spared.2 Initially there is painful, dark red, intact bulla which ruptures in few hours leaving a bleeding, painless ulcer with spontaneous healing within two weeks without any scar.
Thickness of posterior palatal masticatory mucosa: the use of computerized tomography.
Masticatory mucosa which includes covering of hard palate and gingiva of alveolar process, lining mucosa which include covering of lips, cheeks and vestibular fornix and specialized mucosa covering the dorsum of tongue.