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biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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(2) Evaluation of the impact of presence of headache on the activity index of the mastication muscles in groups I, II, and III at rest
As this area is crucial for both esthetic reasons and mastication purposes, the blood supply to the flap is a major concern.
The prosthodontist provides various splints and devices including prosthesis for esthetics and mastication in the management of CLAP.
He thought hard before declaring: "It's probably a matter of simply teaching you some mastication techniques." I shot bolt upright in the chair.
A chewing gum mastication apparatus was designed to simulate the chewing behaviour for the release of benzydamine from the gums.
That makes chaparral a major focus of efforts to manage fire risk by reducing wildland fuels loads -- typically through prescribed fire and mastication (mechanical chopping).
Out of these 13 equids (mules: 11, h: 2) had the history of difficulty in mastication, reduced appetite and swelling of facial bones, these animals were maintained on unbalanced diet (rice bran/ wheat bran regularly in diet and occasional seasonal green fodder) and involved in heavy work load.
The opening can be enlarged with softening of the bony structures around the foramen of Huschke due to mastication, with greater soft tissue herniation over the years (2-5).
Texture perception at different stages of mastication can be changed by the addition of saliva in the formation of a bolus and affects its properties [5].
The mastication sequence can be divided into three stages: early, middle, and late, in which chewing gradually changes [4].
Predisposing factors for phytobezoars include previous surgery on the stomach, poor mastication and edentulous jaws, rapid swallowing of large amounts fruits and vegetables, intestinal stenosis, and systemic diseases impairing gastrointestinal motility.
Processing methodologies include mastication and other methods like mixing, extrusion, and calendering.
* Oral and maxillofacial region is gifted with four out of five special senses, the complexity is added with additional job of phonation, mastication, respiration and esthetics.
Juliette has to have one of the most interesting and challenging positions at this mecca of mastication and she is a fierce advocate of locally sourced produce.