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biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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2009 for overviews), but there are four major categories of treatment, which may be employed singly or in combination: (1) prescribed fire, (2) mastication, (3) hand-thinning and (4) mechanical thinning (table 1).
Loud mastication is becoming a serious workplace gripe, right up there with the state of the toilets and the use of corporate jargon.
La maladie se traduit par des lesions entraEnent une salivation intense et filante, des troubles de la mastication, des boiteries et des chutes de production laitiere.
Misalignment of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw; appearing unattractive and reducing efficiency of mastication (chewing), it may cause accumulaA[degrees]tion of debris between teeth.
The main purpose of mastication is to reduce the size of ingested food to produce a bolus that can be easily swallowed.
However, according to Armentano and Pereira (1997) and Van Soest (1994), the total mastication time is more strongly influenced by the forage content and size of particles in the feed.
He presents an up-to-date book on state-of-the-art dental attachments; fixed and removable structures which reestablish primary dental functions: mastication, esthetics, prevention of inclination, migration, extrusion, or rotation of remaining teeth, stabilization of weakened teeth, and muscular and joint balancing of the orofacial complex, and last, but not least, an important improvement in the patient's quality of life.
They may also interfere with speech, mastication or fabrication of maxillary dentures.
The process of chewing food, mastication consists of two stages.
7) 10 min mastication of NR reduces its molecular weight and further mastication leads to degradation.
Osaka, Japan, has patented a dietary composition, which requires mastication having an anti-dental caries function.
The next phase in the process is the (quite fun) mastication and the (somewhat horrifying) saliva.
Two parameters were associated with mastication: duration of mastication (tcon) and time required for the first swallowing event (tswal).
I'm not expecting much in the way of romantic rhymes - even the most creative of the males in our room have an over-reliance on mastication as a way of expression, so I've sought a child poet for this week's Gold Star to give the fellas some inspiration.
Lingual hemangiomas are usually indolent, but they can cause cosmetic deformities, recurrent hemorrhage, and functional problems with speaking, mastication, and deglutition.