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Synonyms for masthead

a listing printed in all issues of a newspaper or magazine (usually on the editorial page) that gives the name of the publication and the names of the editorial staff, etc


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the title of a newspaper or magazine

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the head or top of a mast

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References in classic literature ?
One by one--I was at the masthead and saw--the six boats disappeared over the bulge of the earth as they followed the seal into the west.
She traded among dark islands on a blue reef- scarred sea, with the Red Ensign over the taffrail and at her masthead a house-flag, also red, but with a green border and with a white crescent in it.
Then, it was time to fire a gun, for a pilot; and almost before its smoke had cleared away, a little boat with a light at her masthead came bearing down upon us, through the darkness, swiftly.
Faint, ruddy flashes of lightning flicker in the starlight upon her mastheads.
I saw her mastheads above the ridge as the sun went down.
There were owners of lines of schooners, large contributors to the societies, and small men, their few craft pawned to the mastheads, with bankers and marine-insurance agents, captains of tugs and water-boats, riggers, fitters, lumpers, salters, boat-builders, and coopers, and all the mixed population of the water-front.
The ship's bell was ringing for us; a guitar in the background burlesqued the Wedding March under skinny fingers; the air was poisoned by a million cigarettes, they raised a pall of smoke above the mastheads, they set fire to the ship; smoke and flame covered the sea from rim to rim, smoke and flame filled the universe; the sea dried up, and I was left lying in its bed, lying in my coffin, with red-hot teeth, because the sun blazed right above them, and my withered lips were drawn back from them for ever.
I tacked back and forth and wore for two solid hours, then hove to till daybreak, and cruised back and forth all day, two men at the mastheads.
Meantime, raising my eyes, I beheld the glitter of a lofty sky above the Diana's mastheads.
The night was not so dark but that, besides the lights at bows and mastheads gliding to and fro, they could discern some shadowy bulk attached; and now and then a ghostly lighter with a large dark sail, like a warning arm, would start up very near them, pass on, and vanish.
She went ahead slim and high, and what was left of the Judea followed at the end of seventy fathom of tow-rope,--followed her swiftly like a cloud of smoke with mastheads pro- truding above.
com is the masthead in the United States, MailOnline is the masthead in the United Kingdom.
Today, Michael O'Malley, a senior lecturer in graphic design at Teesside University, examines how The Gazette masthead has changed over its 146-year history, reflecting fashions and cultural trends of the time.
Yesterday we dropped the A and O from our masthead to back NHS Blood and Transplant's Missing Type campaign.
Masthead Industries currently operates hose sales and service stores known as "HosePower.