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Synonyms for masterstroke

act of genius


Synonyms for masterstroke

a great or heroic deed

Words related to masterstroke

an achievement demonstrating great skill or mastery

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The participation of ' star' filmmakers such as Noe in Masterstrokes has brought the section closer to janta .
Masterstroke, who represents Appleby, finished fifth in the Coutts Glorious Stakes (G3) on his seasonal return at Goodwood on August 2.
And the decision to drop Shay Given in his favour looks like a managerial masterstroke.
But the real masterstroke was in getting Elaine C Smith to front it.
Still, if anyone can do it it's the Coen Brothers who, keen to top the dust-blown glory of their No Country For Old Men triumph, have pulled the masterstroke of casting a grizzled Jeff Bridges in the Duke's famous role of the no-nonsense, one-eyed lawman, Rooster Cogburn.
30pm) comes from Blackpool and features the masterstroke of having Peter Kay hosting the show from his native Lancashire.
Liverpool defender Carragher predicted the Red Devils' latest signing could prove a masterstroke for Sir Alex Ferguson, but is crossing his fingers the former Newcastle captain struggles for goals in the Premier League title race.
His masterstroke, however, was to position himself not as a coach to the regular man, but as the coach of other coaches.
The refurbishment of Birmingham's Moor Street Station was a masterstroke of city planning.
Making matters even easier is that the Proposition AA ballot will contain no opposition language, another masterstroke in the LACCD's planning.
After an especially effusive welcome and copious amounts of wine in a posh Soho bistro, the decision to send guests home with goodie bags containing Delaney's Irish cream liqueur was a masterstroke.
masterstroke to tie a major corporation to a human act as clear and dignified as sharing water with those in need.
The beginning of a dreary naval war with Spain offered Great Britain the opportunity to make a masterstroke, and Anson was dispatched to the Far East with six warships to capture the treasure ship near the end of its long annual voyage.
KEEN swimmer Terry Wright pulled off a masterstroke to become the one millionth motorist to snap up a personalised numberplate.