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the skill of a master

the position of master

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of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock have been awarded Mastership in the American College of Physicians, the national organization of internists.
3) Alleyn's father also appears to have had political connections in the west of Sussex, evident in the support provided by Henry Fitzalan, earl of Arundel, when Alleyn faced attempts to strip him of the mastership of Bedlam in 1561.
Silver medallists in the World Championship 2015, Asian Championship for belt Wrestling 2016 (Three bronze); World Martial Arts mastership 2016 Korea (Two G,1 S).
The book presents Alsanousi's mastership in portraying the societies of both countries and their common family atmospheres.
I want to say at once that the experience of the combat use of our aviation in Syria testifies to the high mastership of the design potential and our designers and technologists," Rogozin said, adding that the skills and courage of Russian combat aviation pilots should be added to this, Tass reported.
These conferences form an essential part of the overall picture of Cistercian monastic life that Merton provided as part of his project of "initiation into the monastic tradition" that is evident in the broad variety of courses that he put together and taught over the period of his mastership.
When the sea was calm, all boats alike show'd mastership at floating" (Act IV, Coriolanus).
The new era was proclaimed as Erdoy-an's mastership era.
In 1956 he was elected to the mastership of Selwyn College, and went on to serve there for 27 years.
If you do not already have a postgraduate qualification or membership/fellowship of a professional body, your employer may encourage you to work towards this, such as the Mastership in Chemical Analysis (MChemA), which is an Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) qualification.
Commenting on the activities to be carried out by the 61st cabinet, Bagis said, "Our nation can be sure that our party's mastership era will have effects on our EU process as well".
50) John Quinn has a 50 per cent strike-rate in Wolverhampton claimers in the last five seasons and runs Mastership (3.
Mastership was back in third, and Everymanforhimself was fourth.
Widows, for example, had advantages over married and single women as "honorary men" with control of family, workshop, wealth, marriage choices (including their own remarriage), and mastership in the guild.