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having no lord or master


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As in Nelson's pageant, fishing here achieves two important domestic functions: "bountifully" feeding "the people" and setting otherwise masterless men to work in an honest occupation.
17) More recently, Srinivas Aravamudan singles out Defoe's fiction as an especially fertile site for examining this historical proximity of the high and the low because it returns again and again to what he calls the "mini-sovereign," a class of masterless men (and women) cast out of society but perpetually reinventing it in their own image through the very forms of exceptionalism Crusoe imagines with his bag of gold coins: "Defoe's pirates, highwaymen, colonists," Aravamudan writes, "whether Robinson Crusoe, Captain Singleton, Jonathan Wild, or Will Atkins--are typical instances of mini-sovereigns, making law through a founding violence" (461).
We must ask: Is this shift a plot necessity for masterless squires or a critique of Sancho's under-enlightenment?
After Falstaff's death is reported early in Henry V, the Boy becomes masterless.
Based on Amazon's Dynamo, Cassandra implements a masterless architecture which allows database transactions to continue even when the database is subjected to massive network or data center disruption.
When I was a child, I had been a fan of samurai stories, especially those masterless Ronin who drifted from town to town, saving the locals from oppressive feudal lords or bandits, like a sort of Asian loner-cowboy.
Although it is now the age of science and reason, the people of the cove still fear the Masterless Man, who carries off to the barrens any children he can catch.
In Masterless, an architect has a kindred spirit, an 18th-century ronin, who wanders through a parallel netherworld.
3) It depicts the selfless devotion of the 47 ronin (lower-rank, masterless samurai) whose history remains a revered model of loyalty and heroism in Japan and beyond.
Besides the accounts contained in Empress Dugu's and Dugu Tuo's biographies, the only other mention of the cat demon in Sui shu and Bei shi occurs in Emperor Wen's "Basic Annals," which record that, in 598 (the eighteenth year of the Kaihuang reign period), the Emperor issued a decree criminalizing cat demon worship, along with other forms of malevolent magic, including brewing gu poison (gudu), worshipping demons (yanmei), and yedao or masterless venoms (wu zhu zhi gu), on penalty of banishment (ion yu siyi).
This made a strange seizure upon my spirit; it brought light with it, and commanded a silence in my heart of all those tumultuous thoughts that before did use, like masterless hellhounds to roar and bellow and make a hideous noise within me.
But later that day, at nearby Kamakura, the officers were beheaded by two masterless samurai known as ronin.
After writing, in 'A man in Assynt' (1969), that 'the landscape is / masterless / and intractable in any terms / that are human', he affirms:
These systems operate on a masterless peer-to-peer (P2P) network scheme.
As Peter Lake points out in his study of early modern murder pamphlets, a similar system of equivalences was used to connect female infanticides and murderers, on the one hand, with rakes and masterless men, on the other: 'The key sign and cause of their slide down the slippery slope of demonic temptation and moral dissolution was their rebellion against or withdrawal from the supervening structures of social or patriarchal authority'.