master race

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a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others


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"I don't want you to think I'm picking on you because we're part of the master race," Klemp said.
"Sleepy eyes, so adorable on children, smouldering on the young, sexy on those in love, and just plain tired on me" Arlene Phillips, former Strictly Come Dancing judge, below "You are not exactly the master race, are you?" A House of Commons waitress to Ukip MP Mark Reckless.
"You are not exactly the master race, are you?"- A House of Commons waitress to Ukip MP Mark Reckless.
A list of new programmes has been springing up on our screens, leading us to believe a master race of bees have their pollenridden legs all over the creative department.
was certainly taken aback when he began his career: "I couldn't believe how nervous he was!" There was also plenty of lively and enjoyable banter here between Alan and his great Anfield pals and , as the retiring (in more ways than one) pundit joked about life in the Liverpool dressing room: "We tried to portray the Jocks as the master race, which wasn't that difficult because the average IQ in there was minus six!" Harsh - but very funny.
PressTV quoted Rahimi as saying that numerous studies have attested to the fact that the Zionists regard themselves as the master race and view other races as their slaves.
When they weren''t busy invading Poland, the Nazis were rather keen on torchlight parades and decided the 1936 Berlin Games needed an extra flame to supplement the stiff armed salutes and the ideology of the master race. It was all going spiffingly until the black athlete Jesse Owens rather spoiled things by winning four gold medals.
militarily or economically, one must interpret the underlying rationale of the Holocaust as being his attempt to create a Master Race, by eliminating what he viewed as genetic pollutants in the Nordic gene pool.
Master race, us on a disease, oft born along upon a breeze, So cover your nose when you sneeze.
It shows a Maltese terrier with a black comb strategically placed across its upper lip and a caption reading: "Master Race? Wrong for People.
The campaigners waved banners bearing the slogan 'Hitler Would Be Proud' and posters featuring a white Maltese dog, pictured with a black comb placed across its upper lip to make it look as if it has an Adolf Hitler-style moustache captioned: "Master Race? Wrong for People.
1, Louisville: "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race." Objects, photos, documents, and historic film footage explore the Nazis' policies that began with sterilization of "genetically diseased" people and extended to the genocide of European Jews.
In an attempt to create a 'master race', Mengele carried out genetic experiments on prisoners at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.
A new book claims "Angel of Death" Mengele carried on his experiments aimed at creating an Aryan "master race" when he fled to South America after World War II.
Photos helped promote diverse agendas from British scientist Francis Galton's first use of the medium to depict the new 'science' of human breeding, to the Nazis's justification of their master race ideology and infamous policies.
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