master race

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a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others


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What unites such people is a primitive, atavistic morality that identifies "we" as a superior race, God's chosen people, a master race, and so forth, while "they" are considered inferior.
Having recorded eight studio albums, Sullivan had a wealth of great songs to choose from, with Master Race, Great Expectations and the Green and the Grey delighting all his fans.
American pro-life activist John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe and his sister Katharine O'Keefe have documented the development and consequences of eugenics--that pernicious creed which advocates the building of a master race through selective breeding.
Ferguson often jokingly refers to Scots as the master race.
The presence of the flag nauseated Stroop, as it was a symbolic reminder that a rag-tag Jewish military unit was holding its own against the vaunted Master Race.
He dreamed of a blond SS Master Race (Herrenmenschen) residing in new fortified Ordensburgen and making the subjugated Slays slave for them.
Also, scientists and researchers assisted in programs to create a master race through the use of eugenics and the promotion of selective breeding.
McNay traces his subject's unappealing affections to the Acheson family's Ulster Protestant roots, a culture in which Irish Catholics and subject peoples everywhere were viewed with lofty derision, and the Empire as guardian of the privileges of the master race.
You've spent a ton of your country's money to host the biggest, gaudiest Olympic Games ever, and you want them to prove that your white countrymen are the world's master race.
He told them he was a national socialist or Nazi, who believed in a white master race.
Herrenvolk democracy, the other argument, held that Africans were subhuman and therefore subject to the master race and unfit for participation in the republic.
American Indian Movement activist and University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill continues the work he began with his books Marxism and Native Americans and, more directly, Fantasies of the Master Race, with this collection of essays that will go far to explain--if you haven't yet got it--why Native Americans aren't amused by the Tomahawk Chop made famous by World Series fans of the Atlanta Braves, or by Chief Wahoo, the mascot of the Cleveland Indians.
Paolo Maurensig even goes so far as to suggest that there is an intrinsic connection between the mastery of chess and military subjugation by a self-styled master race of the kind that horrified the world earlier this century.
Are we gallery-goers part of a master race, closer in height to Hitler than to LeDray's 14-inch men's suits?
Instead, it might be worth remembering that one of that conflict's more important themes was to stop a racist tyrant from realising the goal of a monocultural master race.
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