master cylinder

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a cylinder that contains brake fluid that is compressed by a piston

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The relational expression of first master cylinder piston [F.
But that's unlikely to happen after only five or six minutes of driving, so I'd lean toward the master cylinder.
A compensating mechanism in the master cylinder also helps assure that any excess fluid goes to the right place--the fluid reservoir--so that.
As the braking system is safety critical and there are no external indications that corrosion of the spring has begun, the brake master cylinder assembly is to be replaced free of charge.
Figures 4A and 4B to the right illustrate a failure where the entire master cylinder broke loose from the engine vacuum assist brake booster.
The first recall concerns the brake master cylinder fitted to IS, GS and RX models built between February 2003 and November 2005.
The company said: "Lexus is aware that the seal between the brake master cylinder and the brake booster may turn in its seat, causing brake fluid to leak into the brake booster.
The majority of the vehicles need to be fixed due to a problem with the brake master cylinder, which could lead to braking power getting progressively weaker, Paul Nolasco, Toyota's spokesman in Tokyo, said.
The Korean manufacturer has identified that up to 468 cee'd models could suffer from insufficient brake force from the master cylinder on cars with Electronic Stability Programme systems.
In this case, the no-cost work will involve the replacement of the brake master cylinder.
The electromagnetic valve between master cylinder and brake calliper closes, removing direct rider input.
For the valve closest to the master cylinder, use NSN 2530-01-473-2724.
Remove the cover of the master cylinder and dip a strip into the fluid.
Anne's local dealer said the Cruiser needed a new master cylinder, slave cylinder and clutch plate, costing pounds 941.
To date, I have cleaned 50 years of oil-soaked mud from the chassis, replaced the brake master cylinder, clutch master and slave cylinder.