master cylinder

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a cylinder that contains brake fluid that is compressed by a piston

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So have the dealer put in a master cylinder, and hope that solves the problem.
To date, more than 10 million master cylinder castings have been tested, and the leaker rate has been reduced from a mean of 5.
And while the company uses the new master cylinder in many of its own products, it also sells them to other manufacturers.
And have no idea how long it's going to take to get the car back, but now they're asking me for another $275 to fix the master cylinder.
Tenders are invited for Break Master cylinder assay to be changed with new,After Gear Box open care full verified it may be noted that the following parts should be changed urgently: - a) Top 1 Pc with bearing, b) Counter bearing 1 Pc.
There may be additional charges for resurfacing, replacement or repair of discs, cylinders, calipers or master cylinder.
A problem with the secondary brake master cylinder can cause the rear brake to drag, potentially leading to a crash or fire.
TOM: One is under the dashboard, where a rod runs from the clutch pedal into the back of the master cylinder.
According to Honda, a failure in a brake master cylinder seal could cause brake fluid to leak and cause the brake to lose stopping power.
The brakes are adjusted, the master cylinder is at 3/4 full, and the parking brake is okay.
SCB is a fully-integrated stability and brake actuation system that replaces the current boosters, master cylinders and vacuum pumps with an electro-hydraulic control unit and brake pedal simulator with integral dual master cylinder that supplies brake pressure.
Nearly every car and truck under three tons uses a master cylinder to store the brake fluid for stopping.
Moving at 1180 ipm, the slaide assemblies bring speed and precision to the machining of parts such as automtotive steering knuckles, compressor housings, master cylinder, and hydraulic pump bodies and valves that fit in a 10" or 15" cube.
Made up of five major components--a master cylinder, external and/or concentric slave cylinder, pushrod with eye-end bushing, and flexible tubing--the system has undergone an 18-year evolution that ensures optimal performance in current production vehicles, including the latest model Ford Ranger.