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an original creation (i

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Fahey saw his cartoon equivalent up close during a recent break in his homeland and signed the master copy before going on to purchase several copies himself for family and friends.
The correlating sections offer suggestions as to art materials to be used as well as specific lessons: sphere drawing, master copy drawing, cast drawing, reductive figure drawing and portrait drawing.
I got my friend Jack Tuckley to reproduce the master copy and do the cases and covers for 100 CDs and I've sold them all.
At his print shop in Glasgow, he painstakingly drew holograms and watermarks on each master copy.
In this manner, the original data only needs to be handled once to make the master copy, after which the originals are returned to safe storage or released from custody.
Wrynn also provided the conference with an update on the preservation activities that are taking place on the Ernest Hemingway Collection housed at the Kennedy Library, as well as the Library's future role as the repository of an archival master copy of the images that are now currently being scanned by the staff of the Finca Vigia, Ernest Hemingway's home in Cuba.
Each book I record becomes a master copy that is kept on file in the state capital.
A master copy represents either a bit-for-bit duplicate of original digital files or a digital copy of an analog recording that has been written to removable media, such as a compact disc or DVD-R.
But Jones was delighted to find a forgotten master copy of the 1979 recordings tucked away in a cardboard box.
The nine-foot sculpture is a master copy of the statue which now stands as a memorial to the Newcastle United and England player in Ashington town centre.
Deluxe's new process binds together two discs that hold varied amounts of information and consist of layered aluminum, gold and polycarbonate materials that have been stamped by a master copy.
But, while Newcastle waited for the tape to arrive, the BBL intervened and ordered the Rocks to send the master copy of the tape to them.
Make sure all critical data can be accessed despite the loss of the master copy and that all crucial data can be restored from back-ups.
The preservation work was completed at Vidipax in New York, where with the aid of Quadriga software, experts cleaned the original recordings, created new analog copies, and made both a compact disc master copy and a compact disc service copy for each recording.