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an original creation (i

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The benefits of NetControl include the ability to keep a master copy of NetManage software on a central file server and remotely install it on any user's PC over a LAN, to maintain configuration information on a central server, and to protect configuration information from being changed without authorization.
Users access a single master copy of content and avoid duplication and version chaos, which can give rise to significant legal risks for companies in regulated industries.
For DVD movie authoring is partly responsible for the preparation of a suitable master copy on DVD.
In addition, the TrueSpectra server allows us to save a lot of money on disk space, enabling us to store just one master copy of the image while continuing to show it in different sizes," said Jason Friedman, Director, JandR.
Once the video is finalized, the drive's DVD-R output capability can be used to deliver a master copy to a client or for producing small quantities of a title for distribution.
or SunnComm's SUN-X Sentinel Master Copy Protection, contact Bill Whitmore at 602/267-7500.
Printing bureaus that make pick-ups and deliveries can also save time and money by allowing their customers to print a master copy of their documents on the bureau's Printernet printer, rather than sending a driver to pick up the originals.
Creating and maintaining documents in one single master copy capable of producing uniquely formatted print and electronic versions automatically, is the only cost-effective solution to modern document production.
ISR will provide a master copy of a version of ixlaPhoto, ixlaPhoto Sampler, to Kodak who will reproduce the software for worldwide bundling with Kodaks range of digital cameras.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 3, 1996--Diehl Graphsoft, Inc (The Nasdaq SmallCap Market: DIEG), a leading developer of 2D/3D computer aided design ("CAD") software, today announced that a Master Copy of the Company's MiniCad for Windows product is expected to be finalized in the next few weeks with shipment of the product anticipated to begin in June.
One (1) original master copy of the completed Attachment B - 2015 King County Domestic Violence Housing First - Application Form (including original signature of authorized agency representative) and four (4) additional photocopies.
Additions and corrections may be entered in the master copy at: dalemon1783"at"gmail.
Getting the master copy of the ALDOC album in the post and hearing the finished produced for the first time.
The Egyptian singer has placed the final touches on her new album produced by the "Alam Al Fan" company, owned by producer Mushin Jaber, and has already presented the master copy earlier this week.
Other items also featured in the auction include unfinished versions of Bad Company's self titled debut album, songs from Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert, a master copy of Elton John's 'Pinball Wizard' from the movie 'Tommy', a signed copy of the Beatles' 'Twist and Shout' Ep, and the cape from Elvis Presley 1973's Tv special Aloha From Hawaii.