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nuts of forest trees (as beechnuts and acorns) accumulated on the ground

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nuts of forest trees used as feed for swine

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any sturdy upright pole

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This picture shows the new concrete mast at Emley Moor.
The growth factor stem cell factor, which stimulates mast cell development, was thought to be essential for the formation of mast cells.
Mast's current capitalisation is based on an expected reverse stock split of one share of Mast common stock for every 70 shares of Mast common stock.
The number of mast cells that was present in 10 consecutive high-power fields (hotspots) was counted in all sections.
7 million, competitively bid contract from the US Navy's Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to perform engineering and design work for the lower-profile mast, with options to produce up to 29 photonics masts over a four-year period, as well as to provide engineering services.
Histologically, SM can often be distinguished from normal bone marrow mast cells.
Mast cell study is a simple and economical method which gives an additional clue to diagnosis.
The mast at Fenrother, near Morpeth, came crashing down on Monday night after apparently beginning to buckle on Sunday.
Geordieracer82 commented: "When they want to put up a mast in Benwell or Scotswood, and the residents there ain't happy, does it get any media attention?
The numbers of mast cells in the tissues of primary pterygium group, recurrent pterygium group and control group were compared.
Key words: mast cell, mastocytosis, neoplasia, self-mutilation, avian, psittacine bird, lovebird, Agapornis personata
So far almost 600 people have penned their names to petition objecting to plans by 3G to site a mobile phone mast near homes on Boley Park estate in Lichfield.
If my family or my friends didn't believe me, that would be one thing," Mast said.
Local Conservative campaigner Gary Sambrook, speaking against the mast, said there were too many masts in the area.
A MOBILE phone company has vowed to erect a mobile phone mast by Christmas - despite a public demonstration by dozens of protesters.