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Synonyms for massiveness

the state or quality of being physically heavy

Synonyms for massiveness

an unwieldy largeness


Related Words

the property of being large in mass

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The first thing that strikes a reviewer is the massiveness of the topic being considered: the culture of one of the most important and formative eras in British history.
Nearby, vast statues with a distinctly Egyptian influence in their massiveness and form, stand as testament of the influence of external culture on the Al-Ula area.
Because of its massiveness and immediacy (which makes it very effective), TVAhas attracted more advertising for decades: according to the Chilean Association of Advertising Agencies (ACHAP), in 2008, it captured half of the advertising pie ($933 million), one of the highest ratios in history.
But the massiveness of their scale and the complexity of their anchoring were disproportionate to their use.
This is due to the Carpathian mountainous chain, which, through its shape and massiveness, makes up a natural barrage hard to be passed over by most of the atmospheric fronts.
And tile massiveness of the internal mechanical parts adds noise to the gun--noise that does not emerge at the muzzle and therefore cannot easily be quieted.
Our current moment, however, is characterized by speed of transmission and massiveness of scale only imaginable in mythology.
Popular wisdom says that the massiveness of claims is what usually reveals the vacuity of their content.
The sheer massiveness of their crowded presence so overwhelmed me that I could not bear to look at them.
by the scale, the massiveness of the bombing theyAAEre planning, the violence, the killing, the blood, the deaths, the horror.
This is not to say the songs are uncomplicated--her three-song debut EP is a maypole of interweaving vocals and melody--but their massiveness is in no way veiled.
Even now, the reputation of A Fable remains ambivalent and uncertain among a readership at once awed by its ambition and disconcerted by its massiveness, by the proliferation of subplots, the inflated rhetoric, especially in the long chapters 7 and 8, (2) and by the allegorical apparatus immediately forced upon the reader's eye by the large cross on the cover, (3) the crosses for chapter and section headings, and pursued in the text itself by the analogues between the corporal's life and that of Christ.
Bed rock resistivity was higher >1058 U m indicating their massiveness at shallow depth.
She argues through her case studies that a paucity of funds, a shortage of time, and a lack of appreciation for the massiveness of scale of these "problems" prevented government officials from even achieving the explicitly limited goal of cleaning up the city's image, let alone actually solving any of the causes of these "social problems.
The dam, once built, has an almost metaphysical existence; it is there in all its massiveness, a physical manifestation of the ability of the political class to 'deliver development'.