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Synonyms for massiveness

the state or quality of being physically heavy

Synonyms for massiveness

an unwieldy largeness


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the property of being large in mass

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The level of massiveness (research question RQ1), in terms of number of learners participating in activities supported by collaborative learning environments, found in the scientific journal papers selected was relatively low if compared to the many learners involved in MOOCs (Kay et al., 2013; Sonwalkar et al., 2013).
While the massiveness of Rowan's sculptures takes them out of pottery scale--no shard is so thick--their chiselled contours capture a powerful and moving sense of geological time.
I can't really put a gauge to the size or massiveness of the company.
Today we sent a clear sign of this movement's massiveness and power to convene people," said Gabriel Boric, president of the Federacion de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile (FECH).
So if there are flaws in the new act (which, considering the massiveness of the revision, I'm sure there are), I'll be the main person to blame.
He clarified that the affected area should be divided into parts and sections to extinguish fires of that massiveness. (end) mdd.tb.nfm KUNA 171627 Apr 12NNNN
"Everything about her was stunningly impressive, from her remarkable carved and moulded interiors, to the sheer massiveness of her component parts, to her technical features based on cutting-edge maritime technology." All those features are explored in the book which includes extracts from first-hand accounts of those who sailed on board as well as documenting the liner's short life from its inception to its sinking, complete with more than 200 images of Titanic and related ships.
Accordingly, the frequency and the massiveness of refluxes, length of stomach content staying on the mucous membrane of the esophagus is increased (Holloway, 1999).
Morton proposes that "due to the great massiveness of galactic black holes, most of this dark matter is pulled back in the form of a invisible stacked double torus (see illustration) to reenter the galaxy at its equator.
"I do like to say the weight because it shows the massiveness of the shipment.
This will allow texture and diversity of use and scale instead of massiveness and uniformity.
The massiveness of the church also added to its splendor with its height reaching 25m from the inside and its width amounting to 15m.
The absolute massiveness of this project and how it's affecting our way of life now and how we're seeing all these negative affects but we're not being heard," he said.
Conners said to deal with issues arising from the massiveness of the foreclosure crisis, the AG's Office has been pushing banks to facilitate loan modifications and otherwise change their procedures to do more to assist distressed homeowners in avoiding foreclosure.