massage parlor

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a place where illicit sex is available under the guise of therapeutic massage

a business establishment that offers therapeutic massage

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Rob, a man living near the massage parlor told the New York Post he used to speak with "C.
In a radio interview, SPO4 Rolando Manalili of the Mambaling police precinct said they reviewed security camera footages by the barangay hall located beside the massage parlor but were unable to identify the suspects, who covered their faces.
Security forces spread out in Duhok city, guarding hotels, liquor stores and massage parlors.
Virtually eliminated by police in 1998 in a prostitution crackdown, these half-legit, half-illegal massage parlors have mushroomed throughout Beijing again to offer foot muscle therapy to tired workers as well as service on the sly to locals, travelers and expatriates.
One 55-year-old man died in hospital after falling from the sixth floor and another man, aged about 50, was found dead lying on a bed inside the massage parlor.
In Midtown, Siegel observed, the Mayor's Office of Enforcement is constantly bringing actions against illegal prostitution rings masquerading as massage parlors.
ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Police said they have arrested three suspects in Monday night's explosion that damaged two massage parlors here.
It's not just that a massage parlor has employees performing sex acts.
IN ISOLATED instances, debit cards were used for adult entertainment, to purchase weapons, and for purchases at a massage parlor that had been previously raided by local police for prostitution.
Massage parlor employees normally decline to discuss specific services by phone, saying they do not know exactly what they are or suggesting an in-person visit for an introduction.
The victims were among about a dozen employees and customers in a massage parlor on the building's fifth floor at the time.
At Kunst-Werke, Surasi Kusolwong's massage parlor Happy Berlin, 2001, where weary biennial wanderers could receive physiotherapeutic first aid, shared an uneasy neighborhood with Tatham/ O'Sullivan's unflinching execution of taste, Glamour, 2000.
Whiplash culminates in Mars's finding a career as a sex worker in a massage parlor.
Los Angeles police officers monitor surveillance cameras used in the arrest of men seeking sex in a raided massage parlor.
A Tokyo high school teacher was dismissed in March after it was learned he took a group of 11 students to a massage parlor in Sapporo's Susukino entertainment district during a school excursion in 1999, metropolitan government officials said Wednesday.