massage parlor

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a place where illicit sex is available under the guise of therapeutic massage

a business establishment that offers therapeutic massage

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Security forces spread out in Duhok city, guarding hotels, liquor stores and massage parlors.
Virtually eliminated by police in 1998 in a prostitution crackdown, these half-legit, half-illegal massage parlors have mushroomed throughout Beijing again to offer foot muscle therapy to tired workers as well as service on the sly to locals, travelers and expatriates.
One 55-year-old man died in hospital after falling from the sixth floor and another man, aged about 50, was found dead lying on a bed inside the massage parlor.
In Midtown, Siegel observed, the Mayor's Office of Enforcement is constantly bringing actions against illegal prostitution rings masquerading as massage parlors.
Massage parlors that authorities allege offered sexual services have been shut down in Oxford, Millbury, Hopedale and Worcester.
Big West Ocean is one of an uncalculated number of recently established Shanghai massage parlors geared toward Japanese people, about 40,000 of whom live in the city.
Many of them are identifying themselves as aromatherapy or chiropractic parlors - a departure from the age-old massage parlors, which are regulated by tougher licensing requirements.
26, 1999, after failing to prevent the students from entering a massage parlor.
8 Kyodo Two Thai actresses said Monday they will lodge a complaint with Thai police Tuesday against a massage parlor in Hong Kong that used their photos on a billboard to lure customers.
9 Kyodo Two Thai actresses lodged a complaint with Thai police Tuesday against a massage parlor in Hong Kong for allegedly using photos of them on a billboard to lure customers.
A 46-year-old Newbury Park man accused of operating an illicit massage parlor called The Divine Pleasure Temple out of his Newbury Park home is scheduled to be arraigned April 4 on pimping and pandering charges.
Enter that rural massage parlor, run by a blowsy, heart-of-gold sort played by Jasmine Guy.
Carter mangles Cantonese while trying to pick up babes, chases bad guys with Lee up some rickety bamboo scaffolding and ends up being dropped off, along with his friend, buck naked in (yes) rush-hour traffic after a very well-choreographed massage parlor bust-up.
In the 1970s when he was playing for the Knicks, Jackson recalled visiting a massage parlor during a trip to L.
29 arraignment has been set for three unlicensed masseuses from a Glendale massage parlor who face charges of offering sexual acts in exchange for cash, authorities said Wednesday.