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produced in quantity often by assembly-line techniques

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Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), a Japan-based automaker, is launching its first mass-produced electric car in a little over a year, according to sources familiar with the company's future product plans.
Today, the standard sample of the rescue vessel for rescue and relief missions has been prepared and based on the contracts, we are manufacturing these vessels and a number of them will be mass-produced next (Iranian) year," Commander of the IRGC's Medical Center General Seyed Ali Moussavi Jazzayeri said on Wednesday.
Twenty-one mass-produced timepieces, on loan from the American Watch and Clock Museum in Bristol, Conn.
In every tourist shop you go into those mass-produced bodhans would be from the subcontinent and would generally be greyhound or some other poor quality skin.
U is producing copiers on a routine and repetitive basis, because they are mass-produced.
Modules contain the microprocessor, memory and other software and security features that power these tiny, mass-produced computers.
That car has been mass-produced in Iran for decades.
The very idea of an original seems so distant in this world of mass--produced things trying to look exactly like other mass-produced things that one may wonder what is left of the concept of subjectivity.
Patton describes the evolution of the idea into a mass-produced product.
Wielding mass-produced James Bond technology, an army of amateurs is quietly redrawing the limits of privacy in public spaces.
Canon has several options for SEDs mass-produced by the venture, such as using them for personal computers or selling them to other makers, the spokesman said.
Immediately after the Second World War, the Case Study House Program sought to advance new models of mass-produced housing through focused investigations of industrialization.
COVENTRY University student Robert Newman said he hopes a pioneering design he has come up with could be mass-produced.
On the other hand, say technology analysts, if reliable fuel cells as small as the one in the camcorder--and smaller--could be mass-produced, consumers would snap them up.
Many of the foods on Slow Food's protected Ark do boast significant health advantages over their mass-produced counterparts.