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a distribution of ions as shown by a mass spectrograph or a mass spectrometer

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Mass spectrum of each glycan sample was a mean of 610 mass spectra obtained over the sample spot at 61 acquisition positions.
From Figure 5, the peak of the graviton mass spectrum distribution is viewed depending on the process of monojet emission.
The mass spectrum of the same product showed a very intense molecular ion peak at 344 and a base peak at 57.
Rai, "Mass Spectrum and Decay Properties of D Meson," International Journal of Theoretical Physics, vol.
Features also include up to five stages of [MS.sup.n] using tandem mass spectrometry to remove the matrix ions from the mass spectrum. Thermo Electron Corp.
The mass spectrum of TD-M3 showed m/z 196 ([M.sup.+]), suggesting that TD-M3 is a monohydroxylated metabolite of TCB.
In one application, the TOF-SIMS negative-ion mass spectrum of a contaminated semiconductor device revealed an [F.sup.-] peak that was 20 times more intense than any other peak in the spectrum.
Thus, in [21], we had calculated the mass spectrum, weak decay constants, two-photon decay widths and two-gluon decay widths of ground (1S) and radially excited (2S, 3S, ...) states of pseudoscalar charmonium and bottomonium such as [[eta].sub.c] and [[eta].sub.b] as well as the mass spectrum and leptonic decay constants of ground state (1S) and excited (2S, 1D, 3S, 2D, 4S, and 3D) states of vector charmonium and bottomonium such as J/[psi] and [gamma], using this formulation of 4x4 Bethe-Salpeter equation under covariant instantaneous ansatz (CIA).
After a detailed analysis to the mass spectrum data acquired, six metabolites were found.
2A, the mass spectrum of a [HbA.sub.1b] fraction isolated from a patient with glycogenose type I includes peaks that correspond to the [alpha]-chain (15 127 Da), the pyruvic acid adduct of the [beta]-chain (15 938 Da), and the latter's decarboxylated form (15 894 Da).
The result is that the entire mass spectrum is detected from an individual acceleration sequence originating from a single packet of ions.
One mass spectrum of the HSA control is shown in Figure 2A with m/z 66,662 for the [[M+H].sup.+] ion.
We extend this approach to particle physics problems by solving the nonrelativistic form of the Lippmann-Schwinger equation to obtain the mass spectrum of the heavy mesons using the nonrelativistic quark-antiquark interaction in terms of a linear confinement, a Coulomb, and various spin-dependent pieces.
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