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a distribution of ions as shown by a mass spectrograph or a mass spectrometer

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The sulfhydryl adducts greatly complicate the mass spectrum and subsequent interpretation.
The ES mass spectrum of the intact globin chains from the third case showed a [beta] variant ([[beta].
A low resolution, full mass spectrum was recorded on an electromagnetic MS.
Copy a database such as SWGDRUG into the same folder, then run the program and submit the mass spectrum for an unknown compound.
For these studies, each mass spectrum was gated independently by operators who were not blinded to the dilutions being analyzed.
A mass spectrum can determine whether the sample is isotopic or elemental, determine the mass of particles and molecules present in the sample, and demonstrate the chemical structure of molecules present in the sample.
Note that the individual peaks in a mass spectrum are not some Gaussian curve shape as in most techniques, but exact mass value lines, and that the instrument resolution can be sufficient to differentiate even isotopic differences.
The mass spectrum was analyzed with each peak in the chromatogram which showed fragmentation patterns with molecular ion 314 m/z and 316 m/z.
First he introduces the principles and instrumentation, then, using terms and concepts that are familiar to organic chemists, he explains the processes that occur in the mass spectrometer following ionization to give the mass spectrum.
When analyzing a new sample, the iKnife can compare its mass spectrum to the ones in the database and predict its tissue type.
50%] denotes mass spectral peak full width at half height) and high mass accuracy (< 1 ppm), enabling the identification of thousands of polar species in a single mass spectrum [23, 24].
Positive-ion MALDI-TOF mass spectrum of PEN sample shows three family of peaks corresponding to cyclic oligomers and to linear oligomers terminated with methyl esters ([CH.
Under consideration of (6) now we can create a fractal scaling model of the mass spectrum of model particles.
13]CNMR and mass spectrum were consistent with the structure proposed for D:A-friedo-oleanan-3-one (1).