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(usually plural) transmissions that are disseminated widely to the public

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Career selection has become more complex in 21st century due to individuals dependence upon mass media that plays a significant role in imparting information to patents and shaping personal choices.
She urged commitment to international standards in organising the media sector in Arab and GCC countries to be able to face attempts of politicise human rights issues and misuse of the mass media.
Al-Zoubi pointed out that new media outlets have been employed since the beginning of the crisis, and that the mass media's tasks have doubled due to the war on Syria while budgets were halved, prompting all people involved to exert extra efforts.
For his part, Volin reviewed the significant progress Russia has made in the mass media field, expressing his country's readiness to provide the necessary support to improve technical and programmatic performance in the Yemeni TV channels.
In spite of the huge potential, critics seem sceptical about the effectiveness of mass media advertising for e-commerce players, especially the beginners.
Clippings and films tell us how the mass media have impacted American Indian people and communities and how the mass media continue to shape historical and contemporary images of American Indian people.
of the Mass Media were in the focus at the conference, the participants of it exchanged opinions with the aim of the problem settlement.
In their monograph, Geography of Media: Media as Cultural Landscape, Professor Shao Peiren and Doctor Yang Liping combine academic intelligence from the Orient and Occident with a deep appreciation of world culture to posit a geography of media that offers a new way of understanding the interrelated world of humans, mass media and the physical world.
" No interviews or group discussions will be conducted for shortlisting the students." The revamped course -- merger of BA ( Hons) Mass Media and Mass Communication and BA ( Hons) Journalism -- will be called ' BA ( Hons) in Journalism and Mass Communication', said Dr Tarjeet Sabharwal, Head of Department of Journalism at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce ( DCAC).
Juan Gonzalez and Joseph Torres, both Spanish-American journalists, combine their knowledge of the history of minorities in mass media to create "News for All the People," a book that focuses on the struggles and successes of minority groups in the ever-growing American mass media.
So if you are the most powerful person in the media, then what does that mean for mass media? How does this shift in power change what we watch and overall watching habits?
In our study we paid attention to the capacity of people to get informed by using mass media, including the Internet and newspapers or magazines.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has announced that it has finalised a comprehensive policy document covering all aspects of its communication with mass media.
forms of mass media to reach out to the middle and working classes, as well as newly enfranchised women voters.
(4) The question is raised by Mihai Coman, the most representative theorist of the mass media phenomenon in Romania, (5) in a paper aimed at providing an anthropological analysis of the mass media: Mass media, myth and ritual.