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a participant in a masquerade

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A resident of the area, Ukpe Eno, said he narrowly escaped being hit by taking a swift flight to safety but the masquerader was not lucky as he was taken by surprise owing to his mask.
It also includes material from interviews conducted with veteran masqueraders (mainly from the Virgin Islands) and numerous helpful color and halftone photographs.
Coverdale's recurring ability to fall back on invisible spectatorship as a preferred state of being, combined with a shift into an alternate state of consciousness, is perhaps best illustrated in "The Masqueraders.
Systemic lupus erythematosus: the great masquerader.
1535; also acquired by Charles II), and a drawing by Leonardo of a masquerader dressed fancifully as a Landsknecht.
I have said, and I will say it again that gluten is the masquerader of many varied symptoms and diseases.
Number (8) is A costume design for a masquerader on horseback (c1517-18).
Next is (6) A View of the river at Varpio d'Adda (c 1511-13) - which, as Martin has seen for himself, remains little changed today - and (8) A costume design for a masquerader on horseback (c1517-18).
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: the masquerader.
What appears to be depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder might actually be subthreshold or subclinical variations of PTSD ("PTSD: Another Great Masquerader," The Psychiatrist's Toolbox, May 2009, p.
THE identity of the Blue Masquerader, who's been leaving gifts for Zsa Zsa, is revealed tonight.
Many elements of Carnival are known to be over-subscribed months in advance, and Trinidadian Simon Khan, Antilia's CEO, said his company's special VIP packages represent "affordable luxury," delivering an insider's guide to the "best of the best" for both the first-time masquerader and the seasoned adventurer in search of the ultimate carnival experience.
The mass is usually submucosal, but in some cases ulceration is present and the mass can easily be mistaken for squamous cell carcinoma; hence, it is sometimes known as "a great masquerader.
That was a good effort and he could be a decent prospect," said Mullen, who went on to complete a double in the 51/2f handicap on Musabah Al Muhairi's Masquerader.
More-over, Scher employs another case study to explore the gradual relegation of Fancy Sailor Mas (which often includes significant amounts of Brooklynites) from popular masquerader to "living history" (p.