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a costume worn as a disguise at a masquerade party

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One thinks, for example, of Botticelli's Pallas and the Centaur [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 18 OMITTED], in which Pallas is also dressed alla ninfa, wearing a masquerade costume decorated with Medici rings, and which at one time was wrongly identified as Giuliano's banner.
Haunted Express, Philadelphia's scariest new haunted attraction, invites you to defy superstition this Friday the 13th at the Masquerade costume store.
A full-length Gainsborough is a real market rarity these days and given his subject's pretty face and the bravura handling of her Van Dyckian masquerade costume, it may well set a new auction record for the artist (estimate 4m [pounds sterling]-6m[pounds sterling]).
Haunted Express offers 2 pick up locations: 1) Penn's Landing - Masquerade Costume Superstore at 1100 South Columbus Boulevard in the Riverview Plaza, where Free Parking is available and 2) Old City - Corner of 5th & Market Streets.
In addition to size, they share certain other characteristics, the most striking being that the sitters are invariably clad in extravagant masquerade costumes known at the time as 'al'espagnole'.
The group hopes to eventually be able to offer tuition in a whole range of carnival arts - dance, music, steelpan, spoken word and street theatre, as well as design and construction skills used in making the masquerade costumes which people think of when they go to see a carnival parade.
As Katritzky demonstrates, the Platters' highly formalized journal descriptions typically included a wealth of detail about architectural space, stage effects, and masquerade costumes that is often absent from official chronicles.
Jane Hytch, of Imagineer, has designed the carnival and said the stored masquerade costumes also include wild flowers, arctic dancers, and rain forest dancers.
Cocktail dresses, other formal wear or masquerade costumes are encouraged.
The best known spectacle at Vauxhall was the annual "Carnevale (sic) of Venice", when rich and poor mingled easily, masked to the eyebrows dancing in the open air in masquerade costumes which would have cost a fortune to hire with a guinea on top if you wanted to mingle with Royalty at the grand, "Ridotto al Fresco", which certainly - as far as renting was concerned - excluded all but the wealthiest tarts.