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sexual pleasure obtained from receiving punishment (physical or psychological)

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These people are going to make mistakes and to be a referee I think you have to be a masochist.
And though I may be a hypochondriac, at least I'm not a masochist.
My God, we'rea nation of masochists (50 Things ToDo Before You Die,BBC1,Wed).
Almost as distressing to me as the result in those cases has been the reaction of certain Christian organizations; at each successive judicial defeat, some Christian voice is sure to be raised pronouncing it a victory; at each successive humiliation, the cry goes up for more litigation, as though Christians were masochists whose appetite for judicial flagellation and abuse cannot be sated.
I can't understand how the Log Cabin Republicans could support a man with such a poor record on our issues, unless, of course, they're masochists.
We must be masochists to put up with an annual jamboree that has as much substance as a pop concert - all frills, fancy lights and the same tune as last time.
CALL THEM revisionists or deconstructionists, but recognize them for what they are--American masochists.
2) While Freud believed that s/m took on gendered divisions for biological reasons - man's natural aggressiveness and woman's inherent passivity - he also believed that "the nucleus of the unconscious (that is to say, the repressed) is in each human being that side of him [or her] which belongs to the opposite sex," thus allowing for the possibility of female sadists and male masochists (as depicted in yon Sacher-Masoch's work).
Whereas masochists find pleasure in pain, self-mutilators seek relief from distressing emotional states, Briere argues.
In February, FACT published a major broadside aimed at the anti-porners that featured footnoted essays celebrating female sexual expression and opposing censorship, all liberally spiced with photos of leather-bound masochists and lesbian and gay sex that seem calculated to drive the antiporners into a rage.
UEFA president Michel Platini has claimed the introduction of goal-line technology will lead to "PlayStation football" but admits that referees have to be masochists to cope with all the criticism thrown at them.
The judge said: "There seems to be quite a few female masochists around this town, I don't understand it.
MASOCHISTS searching for the worst comedy of the year need look no further.
There's a 16-year-old marking his first Baja 1000; there's Mario Andretti bouncing down a dirt road and running out of gas, and there are the tough guys driving unmodified pre-1982 VW Beetles, hard-core masochists whose goal is to simply finish the race.
Or are they simply masochists for being turned on by the language of their colonial oppressors