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sexual pleasure obtained from receiving punishment (physical or psychological)

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23) Restuccia is also concerned with how Stephen, masochistically colluding in his own punishment, 'shows an exquisitely keen receptivity to the pandybat'.
However, if his poltroons from the Government and party masochistically enjoy this, the rest of us see this as a threat and it is natural and humane to get protected from it, Naumov writes.
Ironically, in their search for validation the mothers became masochistically tied to the maternal grandmothers, and, like Helen in Gordon's study, were literally and psychologically unable to move away from them.
They're ridiculously emotionally brittle and yet for some reason masochistically parade their insecurities in the most perverse of career choices.
The Halls are huge sports fans, indulging annually and masochistically in the widespread hope that this is the year the Sox will reverse the curse.
Both texts share a vocabulary of violence: "H" in Liber Amoris masochistically subjects himself to an emotional melodrama strafed by "blows" (59, 62), "punishment" (31, 35), and "violence" (58, 68).
Perversely, masochistically, shamefully, procrastination has that productive effect of producing in the absence of productivity, whether what gets produced is a stack of clean dishes, a reorganized desktop, or an idea incubated unconsciously through pathways that could not be willfully or consciously accessed.
Within a framework oriented by socialism the class privilege of left-liberal cultural producers was more visible (even, to a degree, masochistically focussed upon)--without it, and with a reorientation to the politics of media and representation, it not only became invisible, but reversed.
41) Perhaps had she followed her subjects into their promised lands she might have discovered them constructing communities of a different sort, and probably masochistically retaining loyalty to the Tigers.
It studies an emotion--adoration--towards the poem itself as it became a psychological theme for one of its contemporary readers, De Quincey, the committedly "minor" writer, who made this poem into a totem for himself, idolized Wordsworth, and with defiant immaturity identified masochistically with the little girl.
More profoundly, so he tells his captain, he is urged on by his hatred of man--whom he will now be able to see and smell closely in the trenches, as if he wanted masochistically to exacerbate his detestation--and ultimately by the attraction of despair, by the desire to free himself from "that sort of masturbation about the human race called hoping" (722).
I had ordered it because, masochistically, I was convinced the flesh would be dried out.
Or very nearly so, as I masochistically kept an eye on the Buffalo Bills, and my wife and daughter chose a favorite show each season (most recently, "The Office").
He takes a beating three times: 'I've no resentment, no thoughts of revenge' (223) he exclaims after one nasty incident, and after another he masochistically claims an attack 'seems to have cleared the mind a bit.
Fantasy owners, though, don't have to masochistically sit around and accept that type of damage on their team.