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deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from being abused or dominated


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I've enjoyed my role which may seem a little masochistic.
Well, if you get past the rather self-indulgent nature of the project and your own embarrassment factor, it's a hoot, even if there does feel something vaguely masochistic about Waitt's desperate need to understand his own failures.
In the introduction to his book, Kucich scrupulously delineates non-identical but often overlapping varieties of preoedipal masochistic fantasy.
She examines how they shape masochistic literary narratives and play into contemporary theoretical and cinematic articulations of queer desire.
Wright possessed depicted prepubescent minors and/or portrayed minors engaged in sadistic or masochistic conduct, according to the prosecutor.
Subservience to the state and capitalism is encouraged as our masochistic suffering and exploitation in this life will be rewarded in heaven above (honest).
My first spell wasn't the happiest so coming back was a chance to rectify that even if it did look masochistic.
WITH the considerable amount of aggro Dan O'Neill inflicts on himself over his frequent acidic comments in his column, we could be forgiven for thinking he has some kind of masochistic streak.
Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Morn, in which the wife of a masochistic cop falls for a guy who urinates on her face.
By tracing the common thread of masochistic and sadomasochistic fantasy occurring in works on colonial themes by these and other writers, Kucich (English, Rutgers U.
In a nutshell: Masochistic, biblically tinged Western becomes just your average frontier revenge saga, stretched to pretentious lengths.
Sidebars for the "truly masochistic success-seeker" such as "A masochist's rule for involvement: Speak up and speak out.
As one of the topics to be discussed by the panel, Shimomura recently suggested ''forbidding the use of school history textbooks written from a masochistic view of history.
Fantina states that he finds strictly psychoanalytic interpretations limiting and hence uses Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's 1870 classic, Venus in Furs, as a prototype of literary masochism, along with Deleuze's characterization of the masochistic universe (as opposed to the Sadean) as one of contracts, fetishism, and ritualized behavior.
Moreover, this ambivalence or hostility has given rise to masochistic fantasies as the preferred cinematic spectorial position within the slasher film and helps to explain the success of these films.