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someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment

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But I'm a confirmed masochist, I joined about 26 years ago.
UEFA president Michel Platini has claimed introduced goal-line technology will lead to "PlayStation football" but admits that referees have to be masochists to cope with all the criticism thrown at them.
You must be a masochist to move, if only because you're forced to deal with the cable company (Motto: "Ma'am, That Will Cost An Additional $39.
In fact, when Williams recalls her first experience as a masochist seven years ago, she says she met her partner, a white man, at a bar and "fell in love at first sight.
Masoch's narratives, to be sure, use a third-person point of view, but it is consistently aligned to that of the masochist.
One nun said she spent 70 to 80 hours a week on the job, but "if you print that, they'll think I'm a masochist.
She treats of prayer and Christian education, and she argues that Therese of Lisieux was not a masochist though she refused painkillers.
Anyone who accepts $8 or less for an hour of his or her precious time is either a masochist or a Lotto addict.
He also must be a masochist to pick on the biggest black man around.
Just as the male and female represent inseparable parts of the individual unconscious, the sadist and masochist likewise coexist within one psyche.
Sorrentino, in Red the Fiend, has given us a crucial year of development and change in Red, from suffering masochist to brainless sadist.
Neither seduction nor KITA is a motivator, unless you are a rare breed of pleasure-puppeteer masochist.
I've always said you need to be a bit of a masochist to be a top goalkeeper and that period would have made Joe that.
NOW call me a pseudo-intellectual masochist, but I love modern opera as much as my fellow audience neighbour.
London, Apr 27( ANI ): Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has once again tried to bill the Manchester Derby against title rivals Manchester City as the title decider, saying only a confirmed masochist can enjoy it.