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Bersani's writing, then, has attempted to recover the possibility of a productive masochism (which is productive for Bersani both in terms of shattering or 'de-narrativizing' consciousness and in disturbing the intelligibility of the Freudian text).
I am less convinced, however, that this is a specifically German phenomenon, and would be more inclined to say that masochism is inherent to any relationship that depends on hierarchical extremes (this may also explain why masochism may seem absent in, and yet nevertheless relevant for, German depictions of the Pacific).
This book's originality consists less in its selection of authors than in the theoretical perspective that Kucich brings to bear on them: masochism.
Few critics consider the implications of the theme of masochism in the story or wonder whether it is of significance that this radically other subjectivity is depicted using a female protagonist.
Masochism is to claim that the root cause of the indescribable misfortune of 1974 was the Eoka armed struggle.
In attending to the masochism of that forestalled urge in Wuthering Heights--Heathcliff on his knees with his arms wrapped around Catherine, who has "seized his hair" and says "I wish I could hold you till we were both dead" (qtd.
Only with sex masochism, then it is allowed, but not in other situations.
The staff members explained a lot of sexual actions to them including kink, bondage, gagging, asphyxiation, whipping, being "tied up," sadism and masochism.
Naomi Booth's essay, 'Bathetic Masochism', examines the privileged position given to masochism in some recent critical-theoretical work and argues that the recent Fifty Shades novels romanticise masochism as a shrinking of the female subject accompanied by an increase in her orgasmic and consumer power
It is a striking two-hander about a playwright/ director (Amalric) who is holding auditions for an adaptation of the 1870s novel, written by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the man who gave masochism its name.
Chapters present case studies of youth problem sexual behavior, rape, offender rehabilitation, sexual masochism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, telephone scatologia, and possession of child pornography.
Washington, June 13 ( ANI ): A Kuwaiti cleric has said Islam allows for wife beatings if she suffers from a mental disorder, such as masochism.
Tickets are PS8/PS4 on 0844 873 2888 and, with its themes of sadism, masochism and human bondage, the play is suitable for adults only.
The Crossroad's website carried a list of 'sexual sins' deemed to be 'perversion' - 'Turning from the true and/or proper purpose of sexual intercourse; misusing or abusing it, such as in pedophilia, homosexuality and lesbianism, sadism, masochism, transvestism, and bestiality'.
Female real estate agents' favorite books are best-selling self-help tome The Secret and the erotic novel about sado masochism, Fifty Shades of Grey.