James Parkinson

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English surgeon (1755-1824)


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Cynthia Haymon's Bess is truly disorienting; while her incredible voice is blowing the roof off of Porgy's hut on the soundtrack, her masklike face remains impassive, unexpressive.
The topic of makeup resurfaces in this chapter as Garb describes the masklike face of Matisse's sitter:
Attached here and there to the wall are ornamental motifs such as bamboo stalks, a masklike face with rosy cheeks, small birds, and hearts, all cut out of scraps of colored paper and affixed to the canvas.
It took a moment to realize why the eyeless, masklike face looked so familiar: It's actually a portrait of George Harrison.
With angelic, masklike faces, and concavities where the backs of their heads should have been, "The Children of the Moon" were delicately posed seated, standing, or in recline, engaged in childish activities (closely observing a scarab beetle, catching a moonlike orb, gathering flowers).
In the dusty penumbral light, there's an eerie sensuality about them with their angular provocative poses, their hard glossy surfaces, their somnambulant masklike faces, features frozen in glacial eyeless gazes.