James Parkinson

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English surgeon (1755-1824)


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It took a moment to realize why the eyeless, masklike face looked so familiar: It's actually a portrait of George Harrison.
The first large room is filled with Still's mid-1930s images of emaciated farmworkers with dangling genitals, masklike faces, bloody eyes, and no nostrils (maybe that accounts for my breathing trouble), reminding us of Still's miserable youth working on a dustbowl farm in Alberta, Canada, for a violent, tyrannical father from whom he learned "only doubt and laziness.
In the dusty penumbral light, there's an eerie sensuality about them with their angular provocative poses, their hard glossy surfaces, their somnambulant masklike faces, features frozen in glacial eyeless gazes.
He leaves and walks through an underworld landscape along a river that seems to be the Lethe; he meets people whose masklike faces he believes he recognizes.
The softened angularity, smooth planar surfaces and masklike faces of the two figures recall the African sculptural traditions that Carlett regards as part of her artistic heritage, and the pre-Colubian sculpture that has inspired her during her stay in Mexico.