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Synonyms for mask

Synonyms for mask

to prevent (something) from being known

to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

Synonyms for mask

a covering to disguise or conceal the face

activity that tries to conceal something

a party of guests wearing costumes and masks

hide under a false appearance

Related Words

put a mask on or cover with a mask

Related Words


cover with a sauce

shield from light

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Another high-contrast pic captures detectives pulling a burglar from a luncheonette window, another has a fleshy woman dancing in a seedy club, her face taking on a masklike quality through Weegee's flash-lit lens.
is of an incantatory masklike aloofness that apparently makes no concessions to ordinary fluctuations of human sympathy or excitement, nor shows any awareness of audience, hut tacitly acknowledges, throughout, its allegiance to a higher court, the strangely abstract, impersonal law of tradition.
Slyness deception, malevolence, betrayal, the implicit threat of a forked tongue flicking in and out of the masklike head, all qualities tinged with miraculous powers to heal and guide, forecast and empower, became the serpent's prevailing image in western cultures.
But faces always feel masklike and convey no emotion.
A strange blue personage with masklike features watches the two struggle, their dark-green silhouettes set against columns and pavement seemingly in flames.
Looking at his own masklike face in the mirror, "[he is] afraid that one day he [will] break down and be a purely meaningless babble lapping round a darkness" (232).
She floated onto the La Mama stage as the goddess Athena in Iphigenia in Tauris in a Victorian dress and masklike gold make-up, dancing a Muslim-inspired Philippine dance and singing a tribal song she'd learned as a child.
Both the choruses and leading characters wore masklike white facial makeup, often with stylized black shadows for eyes and red for lips.
see how the bones are showing the shape of us at war clawing our own flesh out to feed the backside of our masklike faces that we have given the names of men.
The softened angularity, smooth planar surfaces and masklike faces of the two figures recall the African sculptural traditions that Carlett regards as part of her artistic heritage, and the pre-Colubian sculpture that has inspired her during her stay in Mexico.
PARKINSON'S DISEASE--a neurological disorder characterized by rhythmical muscular tremors, rigidity of movement, stooped posture, short accelerating steps in walking, and masklike expression.
O'Neill returned to primarily realistic dramaturgy in this work, but also used symbolic elements and masklike effects.
The neurologic symptoms include incoordination, tremor, slurred speech, drooling, difficulty in chewing and swallowing, masklike facial appearance, spastic movements, lack of balance, muscle rigidity, and double vision.
Their dead, masklike faces--in portraits of Orin and Ezra, on Christine's face when she is about to commit suicide, on Lavinia's face after Orin's death--all indicate the Mannons' denial of life, their repression of their sensual natures, and their refusal or inability to communicate with others.
With angelic, masklike faces, and concavities where the backs of their heads should have been, "The Children of the Moon" were delicately posed seated, standing, or in recline, engaged in childish activities (closely observing a scarab beetle, catching a moonlike orb, gathering flowers).