masking tape

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adhesive tape used to cover the part of a surface that should not be painted

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Collect together From nature: 2 sticks, both half an arm's length A bunch of thick leaves of different sizes From the Out Pack String, scissors masking tape How to make it 1.
Beginning at the fold, students tightly wrapped masking tape around their posts, pulling and scrunching in the newspaper for additional strength.
With green FrogTape Painter's Masking Tape (from PS7.
You need to use a good quality masking tape that does not allow paint to bleed underneath it and also has a clean peel time, which allows you to plan your painting to your time.
Scotch Greener Masking Tapes are available in two varieties: Scotch Greener Masking Tape for Basic Painting 2025 and Scotch Greener Masking Tape for Performance Painting 2050.
Get a crafty upgrade using masking tape and fabric paint.
Which material will enable your "luge sled" to go the fastest: masking tape, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or sandpaper?
Q: I find it hard to get a good finish using masking tape when painting - any advice?
US diversified technology group 3M (NYSE:MMM) announced it had completed the acquisition of the tape business of Taiwanese Alpha Beta Enterprise Co, a producer of box sealing tape and masking tape, without revealing the financial details.
Clean, 12-ounce aluminum can (remove lid) Masking tape Hammer Large nail A sheet of black construction paper Flashlight Water [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Directions: 1.
YOU will need a spirit level, ruler, pencil, masking tape, paint pads and acrylic or vinyl matt emulsion in a variety of bold colours.
Many players wore a strip of black masking tape around their left bicep instead, which is appalling.
newspapers, masking tape, brown paper towels, wheat paste or wallpaper paste, scissors, wiggle eyes (optional), black markers
She used low-tack masking tape to separate the colours, but it still stripped off the paint when removed.
I just stopped and got masking tape because I didn't have needle and thread,'' she said with a smile.