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a participant in a masquerade

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Spatial advantage requires use of binaural processing while talker advantage requires use of cues such as pitch to distinguish the signal and masker [45].
Espionage and intrigue swirl everywhere, and Kestrel is in the midst using masker moths to pass on information.
The Repeat Masker tool identified a CG content of 45% and a total of 113 repetitive elements in the Murrah BAC DNA sequence.
All people in Berastagi have to wear masker, and most shops and offices are closed, he added.
Seth Masker is an associate professor of political science at the University of Denver, Robert Duff) is a professor of political science at Colorado State University, and David Brown is a professor of political science at University of Colorado at Boulder.
Afgesien van die dubbelheid wat in hierdie btmdel reeds in die openbaring van die self en sy talie maskers gevind kan word, het die verhouding self-masker vir Leroux, aldus Malan (1982:298), 'altyd ook iiniversele argetipiese konnotasies'.
The masker, usually a male, physically relates to the human audiences who follow, tease, praise, observe, and perform with him.
She is not allowed to be "masked" along with her peers, and, when she is caught spying on the ceremony, the Masker puts her under sentence to be masked as a house servant.
This pattern is the reverse of our prediction that either masker alone would lower perceived alcohol concentration, and both together would do so even more.
The Spanish coach, whoever the opposition he comes up against, is a hard task masker - and it's this work ethic which he endeavours to make his players' biggest asset as they edge back into the championship picture.
MASK] is the noise masker contrast parameter that controls the noise power spectral density.
Aangesien die skrywer gereeld sy geskrifte aan crie tronkowerheid moes inlewer, kon hy moontlik, bewus of intuitief, gedagtes en gevoelens agter 'n skerm of masker verskans het, byvoorbeeld in "Die verlossing van die beeld" deur 'n ligter toon en deur ironisering.