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a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater)

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White-coat and masked hypertension in children: association with target-organ damage.
Along with the white coat effect the presence of masked hypertension is also notorious, a peculiar aspect of the ABPM, which detects apparently controlled hypertension by office BP, reflecting at the same time the high risk of this subgroup of hypertensive patients detected only by ABPM [19].
Obese, apparently normotensive patients, associating cardiac remodeling, should be further evaluated in order to detect additional hypertrophic causes, which might well be masked hypertension.
4 per cent) of those with high-normal clinic BP (130/85 mm Hg) had masked hypertension, or BP greater than 130/85 when BP was measured at home.
The topics include engineered arterial models to correlate blood flow with the biological response of tissue, umbilical cord blood for cardiovascular cell therapy, heart repair from natural mechanisms of cardiomyocyte production to the design of new cardiac therapies, controversies in blood pressure goal guidelines and masked hypertension, and transcatheter aortic valve implantation and cerebrovascular events.
Ambulatory blood pressure is most likely going to be recommended for everyone who has documented nuanced hypertension, and the reasons for that include blood pressure variability, the dramatic increase in the appreciation of masked hypertension, and the dipping and nondipping phenomenon," he said.
People with masked hypertension have normal blood pressure in the doctor's office but high blood pressure at other times.
Further, one in every four respondents said that they have heard of the terms that indicate specific types of hypertension such as masked hypertension, white coat hypertension and postural hypotension.
Because BP measurements have a circadian pattern (higher during the day and reduced by 10% during sleep (24)) an ABPM device that provides 50 to 60 readings over 24 hours can be useful when evaluating children and adolescents for white-coat hypertension (elevated clinic BP with normal ambulatory BP), masked hypertension (normal clinic BP with elevated ambulatory BP), prehypertension and secondary hypertension (BP generally does not follow circadian patterns).
Three things can occur when BP is measured in a doctor's office that can interfere with accuracy: the white coat effect, white coat hypertension, and masked hypertension," says Dr.
NEW YORK -- Guidelines for detecting masked hypertension in adults should by changed to take into account pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease, Dr.
He added: "We were measuring activity, sleep and ambulatory BP for diagnosing masked hypertension and found this interesting observation.
We were able to diagnose masked hypertension by using repeated office measurements.
17,18) Asking patients who self-monitor what type of BP readings they're getting can be helpful in identifying masked hypertension.