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a ball at which guests wear costumes and masks

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enjoyment Spice events range from social masked balls (top) to more extreme events, such as skydiving (above)
But the party will go on: To tighten the mood of Key West's recovery efforts, its costume-themed Fantasy Fest--with masked balls, contests, street fair, and lavish parade--will be held December 7-10 this year.
CELEBRATION, the fantastic ice show will bring you and your friends to a fiesta of fun-filled festivities from the rocking Rio carnival and elegant Venetian masked balls to pyjama parties, 70s discos and the six-legged swinging of the Ugly Bug Ball (with the best beetle boppers and smallest party animals in town
Chatrooms at their least dangerous can be like masked balls or even confessionals.
The city comes alive with parties and masked balls in many of its fine mansions and palaces.
25 - March 7, processions, masked balls, museum exhibits, film screenings, sporting events and theatrical performances make for good times all over town.
18-27 featuring costume competitions, island and Caribbean music, street fairs, masked balls and an Oct.
Those events include masked balls, costume competitions and even a pet masquerade that is to benefit New York City animals affected by the World Trade Center attack.
One theory suggests this custom dates back to masked balls.
But the reason for the kiss could be older and more fundamental than masked balls.
New Orleans may have its Mardi Gras, Venice its masked balls and Scotland its Hogmanay parties.
Celebration, which arrives here in October, features scenes from the Rio carnival and Venetian masked balls.
Going to masked balls with Peter Sellers and Roddy Llewellyn - is that the good life?
Daily parades and more than 40 masked balls take place throughout the two weeks but the last four days are the best to be around because of the non-stop street parties.
On Monday evening there is a magnificent masked ball on Spanish Plaza.