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Synonyms for mask

Synonyms for mask

to prevent (something) from being known

to change or modify so as to prevent recognition of the true identity or character of

Synonyms for mask

a covering to disguise or conceal the face

activity that tries to conceal something

a party of guests wearing costumes and masks

hide under a false appearance

Related Words

put a mask on or cover with a mask

Related Words


cover with a sauce

shield from light

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All of the PicoBlaze reference designs support 49 different 16- to 18-bit instructions, 8 to 32 general-purpose 8-bit registers, 256 directly and indirectly addressable ports, reset, and a maskable interrupt.
048 MHz PCM input and output interfaces with selectable mu- and A-Law coding -- Selectable mu- to A-Law and A- to mu-Law conversion on a per channel or global basis -- Smart Non Linear Processing and various options for comfort noise injection -- Flexible Microprocessor Interface (SIEMENS/Intel or Motorola type) -- 256 kbit/s serial control interface -- Maskable disabling functions: -- 2100 Hz tone with/without phase reversal detection -- 2010 Hz continuity check (SS7) -- via PCM timeslot 16-bit a, b, c, or d -- via Microprocessor Interface or Serial Interface -- Watchdog Timer -- Various clock modes for 32.
4 kbps; seven general purpose inputs; eight general purpose outputs; TTL-compatible inputs and outputs; four transmit/receive trigger levels; a watch dog timer; clear-to-send (CTS) flow control; line signal status; receive character error flags; receive data error correction; single interrupt output; eight maskable interrupt conditions; and internal loopback capability; and low operating and sleep mode.
A maskable interrupt can be programmed to become active when a monitored function exceeds the programmed set-point.