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The masjids include accommodation for the imams, as well as necessary external facilities.
The masjid at Sailiyya is built on a plot of 347sq m, with a total built area of 328sq m including the Imam's residence and a prayer hall to accommodate more than 400 people.
The Ain Khaled masjid, built over 1,788sq m, includes the main prayer hall with a built area of 422sq m and Imam's residence with 167sq m.
The story begins in 1526 when Babar, the founder of the Mogul dynasty, invaded India and his general Mir Baqi took Ayodhya and built the Babri Masjid at the highest point of the town overlooking the Ghaghra River.
They tried to destabilize the nawabs in the north, especially of Ayodhya, and divided the two communities by propagating the theory that the Babri Masjid, built in the 19th century, was erected after demolishing a pre-existing Ram Mandir.
22-23, 1949, the masjid was "surreptiously and unlawfully" broken into by a group of Hindu fanatics, who installed idols of Ram and his family on the mambar under the central mehrab.
As expected, the number of Muslims attending masjids is much lower than wide-ranging estimates of 4 million to 8 million Muslims living in the United States and Canada.
Researchers interviewed 341 representatives of 1,046 masjids, with "only a handful" declining to be surveyed, Bagby said.
9) Demolish And Rebuild Masjid Um Ghwelina Salwa Road - Pin no.
The main prayer halls of all the masjids are covered with gypsum board sealing, stairs paved with marbles, external walls covered with special polishes to maintain temperature and entrances covered with good quality granite stones.
The handed over Masjids are Masjid No (308) at Old Al Ghanem, Masjid No (348) at Al Kharara area, and Masjid No (134) at Umm Ghuwailina.
The Masjid consists of a prayer hall that can occupy 400 worshippers, in addition to residences for Imam and Muadhin as well as ablution area.
The Masjid has a prayer hall to occupy 400 worshippers, an ablution area as well as residences for Imam and Muadhin.
Inside the masjid compound, there is a large rectangular pool for people to use the water for ablution.
During Salat Al Eid [Eid prayers], the masjid is full," explained Ameen.