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an acronym for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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In 1964 Townes was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on masers.
Demonstrating that masers could be made to operate in optical and infrared capacities, Townes and his brother-in-law, the late Stanford professor Arthur L.
One advantage of the new maser is that the energy levels inside the dots can be fine-tuned to produce light at other frequencies, which cannot be done with other semiconductor lasers in which the frequency is fixed during manufacturing, Petta said.
The breakthrough does indeed seem significant, because the scientists were able to demonstrate a solid-state maser that operated at room temperature, working in air and with no applied magnetic field.
High angular resolution (within milli-arcseconds) very long baseline interferometric (VLBI) water (H2O) maser observations toward massive star-forming regions is gradually improving our understanding of how massive stars are formed.
Ambassador Beatrice Maser in turn expressed readiness to provide support to the Kyrgyz government in implementation of collaborative projects.
The Florida Bar Tax Section's Nominating Committee has nominated Joel Maser of Orlando to serve as the 2013-14 chair-elect.
It was joined on 27 April 2008 by GIOVE-B, equipped with an ultra-precise passive hydrogen maser design as well as a second rubidium clock.
Having studied forests and their interaction with people for some four decades, Maser discerns a basic pattern from which all specific cases diverge in particular directions and to various degrees.
William Maser, 54, fired the two-pound ball outside his home and it ricocheted and hit the house 400 yards away.
There are five chapters: 'Portraits and Villas', in which Garton argues for identifying certain frescoes in the Villa Barbaro at Maser as portraits; 'Paragons of Beauty', on female portraits; 'Men-At-Arms', which examines 'military' portraits, especially portrayals of men either wearing or shown next to armour; 'Recovering Antiquity: Artists and Noblemen', which addresses the use in the portraits of classical props such as statuary or ruins but the main thrust of which is a discussion of the depiction of melancholy; and 'Concluding Remarks'.
Jennings, 25, and his business partners, Andy Maser, 24, and Kyle Dickman, 23, are elite kayakers who use their athletic skills to run the steep gorges and churning Class V rapids of unexplored rivers and their journalistic skills to spread the word about threats to those rivers and the people who live along them.