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an acronym for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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Please visit our website or contact Ralph Maser (Email or 913-742-2187) or Tim Ehinger (Email or 913-638-7702) to investigate opportunities.
Demonstrating that masers could be made to operate in optical and infrared capacities, Townes and his brother-in-law, the late Stanford professor Arthur L.
One advantage of the new maser is that the energy levels inside the dots can be fine-tuned to produce light at other frequencies, which cannot be done with other semiconductor lasers in which the frequency is fixed during manufacturing, Petta said.
Maser, who recreates 19th century firearms, told a TV crew he would stop shooting cannons on his property.
In the first chapter, Garton rightly emphasises the dynamic quality of the frescoes at Maser, appreciating how the locations and poses of the various portraits and other painted figures in the house give the villa and its inhabitants an air of spontaneity, and he draws proper parallels between the trompe-l'oeil effects at Maser and the illusionism Veronese employed in other places, such as the frescoes in S Sebastiano in Venice.
The recipients were: Teresa Maria Rojas, professor of drama; Giselle Sin, professor of computer science; Carolina Hospital, professor of English; Irene Lipof, an instructor of psychology and education; Donald Maser, professor of anatomy and physiology; Allan Rossmore, professor of aviation administration; Alberto Meza, an art instructor; Dr.
The short-term stabil-ity of the mercury standard is superior to that of NIST-F1, so the maser played a key role in the comparisons.
2 GHz can be found in relative abundance along the Milky Way galactic plane and are seen spectroscopically as whirling maser pockets with halo structures of 2- 300 AU in diameter.
The author of the Presstime News item "College Dancers Convene and Compete" on page 35 of the July issue was Shelley Masar, not Maser.
The satellite also lacks its own ultra-precise hydrogen maser `clock', so the tracking stations pipe up the time and frequency signals needed for VLBI.
Yet Barbaro's designing of the iconographical program for the Doges Palace ceilings of 155354 and his presumed programming of the sophisticated content of the Villa Maser decorations, offer opportunities for more specific study.
They did a hell of a job on him at USC,'' said offensive line coach Mike Maser.