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Synonyms for masculinize

give a masculine appearance or character to

produce virilism in or cause to assume masculine characteristics, as through a hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy

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laevis (4,24,25), but treatment with estradiol masculinizes already differentiated female tadpole ovaries (24).
Similarly, refusing to color his suicidal Lucretia, Lotto in effect masculinizes her, shields her from the familiar charge of seductive femininity.
Shielding Lucretia from the beholder's lust, Lotto masculinizes her even while honoring her femininity in the beautifully gowned beauty of the living Lucretia, in the Venus-like incarnation of the suicidal heroine.
How this pollutant masculinizes the snails remains a mystery.
Five years ago, Bortone, who has collaborated with the Samford team, reported data showing that adding androgens to water in the laboratory could masculinize female mosquitofish (SN: 7/15/95, p.