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Synonyms for masculinity

Synonyms for masculinity

the properties characteristic of the male sex

the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for men

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In the story, Copacabana represents a world that defines masculinity according to a constellation of values including education and access to knowledge, upward social mobility, and especially economic status and power by which masculinity can literally be purchased.
Mercer's 240-page tome made its premiere in conjunction with an academic debate, "What It Means to be a Man in the 21st Century: Masculinity, Sex and Popular Culture," featuring Mercer and author Mark Simpson, the man who coined the terms "metrosexual" and "spornosexual.
More particularly, the romance novel, I contend, proselytizes an ideology of masculinity that is worthy of consideration, particularly because the genre is, by and large, written by women for women.
If men who feel their masculinity is threatened are willing to exaggerate their height or the number of their previous relationships, those who feel that way at work because of negative feedback or evaluations may be equally willing to behave unethically--for example, stretching performance numbers--to reassert themselves.
It is a puzzling and yet poignant irony-how men are supposed to be strong but their masculinity is a fragile, delicate thing.
While each chapter lays out an interesting argument regarding representations of masculinity in turn-of-the-century cinema, trying to chart out a solid body of text to which Millennial Masculinity as a whole is responding is somewhat difficult.
The centrality of masculinity to the gendered culture of Canadian politics may be further camouflaged by the accomplishments of women such as former Prime Minister Kim Campbell (7) and provincial premiers such as Kathleen Wynne.
Basso's text is broken into three parts, "Defining Whiteness and Working-Class Masculinity, 1882-1940," "Copper Men and the Challenges of the Early War Home Front," and "Making the Home Front Social Order.
First, the nature and power of constructs of hegemonic masculinity, and its effects, are explored; then anorexia nervosa as a psychomedical, internalised female phenomenon is discussed; finally the possible significance of the interactions of puberty, with its forces of hegemonic masculinity, and the power and demands of the voices of anorexia nervosa are examined.
In unpacking narratives of masculinity in Australian media I am using a socio-constructionist approach, in which masculinity is understood not to be an essence with which men are born (Moynihan, 1072; Singleton, 43).
Macias-Gonzalez details how the rule of Porfirio Diaz from 1876 to 1911 powerfully shaped definitions of masculinity during the period of the "Porfiriato" and explains that much of the evolution of gender in the modern period either incorporated these ideals or reacted to them.
We are pleased to include in this issue three essays that had their origins at that conference, essays that pose new, innovative questions about the contemporary representation of masculinity--and about the inherent potential of masculinity itself to serve a representational function.
Kippola, Acts of Manhood: The Performance of Masculinity on the American Stage, 1828-65 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), 264 pp.
Burke's Masculinities and Other Hopeless Causes at an All-Boys Catholic School, masculinity is closely examined in a single-gendered, religious environment.