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the abnormal development of male sexual characteristics in a female (usually as the result of hormone therapies or adrenal malfunction)

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It situates concerns with food security as part of a broader contemporary political challenge to the power of global corporations in agriculture, the push for developing nations to grow cash crops for export and 'the masculinisation of biodiversity that has led to violent technologies' adversely affective food production (p.
Masculinisation of the physiotherapy workforce: While physiotherapy remains a female-dominated profession, the proportion of males is increasing and has risen from 16% in 1986 to 27% in 2001.
What you would expect is a global change in the masculinisation of a male baby.
Against the masculinisation of women'), Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, 29 March 1925, in Anton Kaes, Martin Jay and Edward Dimendberg (eds), The Weimar Republic Sourcebook, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1994, 659.
On oublie que la masculinisation des mots designant des metiers traditionnellement feminins est non seulement approuvee par l'Academie, mais parfois initiee par elle.
It also reveals a growing masculinisation of the sex ratio even in the 0-4 age group.
This masculinisation of meat is accompanied by the visible shift from the complementarity of women and men together at the angare or small death feast ground, to the centrality of men both as givers and receivers in men kap, large omana and yasolu, where women are spatially peripheral (Nihill 2000).
Astucieusement, en complement de cette liste de noms feminises, est jointe une [much less than]proposition de masculinisation des termes feminins[much greater than]: a [much less than]la bonne[much greater than] correspond [much less than]un domestique[much greater than] a [much less than]la sage-femme[much greater than], [much less than]un maieuticien[much greater than] Malgre l'intention d'equivalence semantique, on conviendra que ces termes sont pourvus de connotations differentes.