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Synonyms for masculine

Synonyms for masculine

of, characteristic of, or befitting the male sex

Antonyms for masculine

a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to males or to objects classified as male

of grammatical gender

Related Words

associated with men and not with women

(music or poetry) ending on an accented beat or syllable

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So, it's time to start celebrating gay masculinity and stand out proud to be a masculine gay man
A characteristics qualified as masculine if it was judged to be significantly more desirable in the society for a man that for women, and it qualified as feminine if it was judged to be significantly more desirable for women than for a man in the society.
The solution isn't as simple as telling women to adopt more masculine traits.
Specifically, we predicted that the fluency with which participants combine student-related concepts with feminine terms and athlete-related concepts with masculine terms would be greater for male participants compared to female participants.
The purpose of this study was to investigate sex differences in the endorsement of symptoms of masculine depression with the recently developed Masculine Depression Scale (MDS; Magovcevic & Addis, 2008).
As shown in Table 1, participants who received the Red Bull prime reported higher levels of conformity to masculine norms than did participants in both other conditions, F(1, 90) = 36.
There are no societies where a very masculine woman or a postmenopausal woman would be perceived as attractive.
The study showed that boys who described themselves as very masculine, in terms of their self-image and play preferences in childhood, were almost 80 percent more likely to use chewing tobacco and 55 percent more likely to smoke cigars than boys who described themselves as the least masculine.
It is in the subcultural press and fictional literature {chapters 3 and 5) where Sutton finds the most sympathetic representations of the masculine woman.
The interplay of masculine and feminine values is a key construct of successful societies.
Because masculine identity is a fluid ideology, the beginning of the 20th century saw certain changes in the way American society and its institutions tried to define it.
This study explores the discourses that facilitate or shut down sexual health communication with peers and sex partners and explores how men's conversations about sexual health are constituted by masculine hierarchies (such as the ways in which masculinities influence men's ability to construct or challenge and contest dominant discourses about sexual health).
From the subversive top-hatted images of Marlene Dietrich to the iconic cinematic frames of the pantless-tuxedo donning stage lioness, Liza Minelli in the role of Sally Bowles, the masculine woman has long functioned as a visual synecdoche for the Weimar Republic and a momentary highpoint for sex and gender experimentation in pre-Nazi Europe.
The study explores how audiences respond to a photograph of a highly feminine female athlete participating in a masculine-typed sport (basketball) or a feminine-typed sport (volleyball), compared to an image of a highly masculine female athlete participating in the same sports.
Considering studies on narrative, flow, and gender differences in video games, it is expected that masculine and feminine narratives used in an educational game would result in differences in learning for the two genders.