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Synonyms for masculine

Synonyms for masculine

of, characteristic of, or befitting the male sex

Antonyms for masculine

a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to males or to objects classified as male

of grammatical gender

Related Words

associated with men and not with women

(music or poetry) ending on an accented beat or syllable

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At one time, there were bars that catered to just masculine men.
Whereas a masculine person would endorse masculine traits and a feminine person would endorse feminine characteristics, the androgynous person would be high in both masculine and feminine traits and an undifferentiated would be low on both.
What's more, female peers may be the most critical of women who adopt masculine traits.
Because thinness is not consistent with dominant cultural standards of masculinity, young people who conform to masculine norms may be more likely than other youth to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as high-calorie food consumption, overeating, and sedentary behaviors," explains Austin.
During one phase of the current research, we had high-school participants combine student-related concepts with feminine terms and athlete-related concepts with masculine terms.
This atypical depressive symptom presentation may be a phenotypic variant of prototypic MDD in which men's experience and expression of prototypic depressive symptoms are influenced by masculine gender role norms (Addis, 2008).
According to traditional gender norms, men should show greater pain tolerance for the sake of maintaining their masculine image (Bendelow, 1993).
But, according to new research from the University of Turku in Finland, men living in Saudi Arabia and Iran are more likely than men living in many European, American, and Asian countries to find women with masculine features attractive.
Though there is nothing inherently masculine about chewing tobacco, or inherently feminine about using a tanning booth, these industries have convinced some teens that these behaviors are a way to express their masculinity or femininity," lead author Andrea Roberts, research associate in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at HSPH, said.
In essence, she argues that the discourses surrounding the masculine woman in popular and subcultural journals, sexology, fiction, and film are an index to understanding the social construction of gender and sexuality in the Weimar period and the early Nazi era.
Masculine values, which are more dominant in men, include traits like efficiency, ambition, power, achievement and competition.
Although the masculinity of Jake Barnes in The Sun Also Rises has been hotly debated, few critics address how Jake Barnes' maneuvering of violence is relevant to his complex masculine identity.
This study explores the discourses that facilitate or shut down sexual health communication with peers and sex partners and explores how men's conversations about sexual health are constituted by masculine hierarchies (such as the ways in which masculinities influence men's ability to construct or challenge and contest dominant discourses about sexual health).
From the subversive top-hatted images of Marlene Dietrich to the iconic cinematic frames of the pantless-tuxedo donning stage lioness, Liza Minelli in the role of Sally Bowles, the masculine woman has long functioned as a visual synecdoche for the Weimar Republic and a momentary highpoint for sex and gender experimentation in pre-Nazi Europe.
The study explores how audiences respond to a photograph of a highly feminine female athlete participating in a masculine-typed sport (basketball) or a feminine-typed sport (volleyball), compared to an image of a highly masculine female athlete participating in the same sports.